Those of you who have/had white leather..

  1. I am seriously debating the white ali, love the color, think it's beautiful but wondering how practical. I have heard from several tpf'ers that the had color transfer issues and rubbing issues with their white ali's. I am just wondering if you all can share our wonderful wisdom with me if you have a white ali, or similar white leather coach bag and how has it been? :shrugs: TIA!!! :tup:
  2. I just bought the white Ali and have not yet used her as my DH is giving her to me as part of my Christmas present BUT I do have a large white Soho hobo from last year. I don't know if the legacy leather is more prone to color transfer than other types of leather but I have not had ANY issues with color transfer or permanent stains of any kind with my Soho leather. I am not even that careful with it and often wear it with black tops and dark jeans because I like the contrast. Legacy leather may be more susceptible to staining but I don't know firsthand because I haven't used my white Ali yet. However, she is just so beautiful that I will enjoy her as much as possible and try not to stress too much about it.
  3. biggestbaglover great post :tup: I totally agree and I am the same way, I am going to enjoy her, I just don't want stains and marks on her right away real easily or then I will regret not keeping another color instead :tdown: The white ali is soo stunning though! :drool:
  4. Yes, I would like to know as well. I just bought a Hamptons white leather satchel and I am curious.
  5. Thank you =)
  6. I'm in the same boat as you right now, I have a white ali sitting under the tree right now and even though I'm in LOVE with her I'm really, really nervous that I'm going to muck her up the first time I use her.... :crybaby:
  7. hhmmmm I don't know, the legacy leather I think is harder with the stains and transfer...
  8. I have a white pebbled leather duffle and I carried her alot during summer and spring.. I am pretty careful but not so paranoid about handling the bag.. so far no stains and denim transfer.. I am not sure about the Ali leather though.
    One thing you have to accept about the white color is that doesn't matter how careful you are, over time, it will get dirty easier than other colours(obviously)...but in the end, so what, white ali is a very beautiful bag and every girl deserves a beautiful white bag..

    So.. fieldsinspring.. relax and enjoy your beautiful bag girl.. you can always buy some other black bags later right? YOUR PURSE journey hasn't ended yet.. it's just a beginning:lol:
  9. i have a white leather chelsea satchel and i always carry it on the crook of my arm so the dark wash of my jeans always rubs off on it but i just rub it down now and again with a damp cloth and it goes away!! make sure not to use leather cleaner on pebbled leather though!! just a damp cloth should take most lighter stains away :smile:
  10. Unfortunately you know my story and its:tdown:. Wish I had better news for ya.:shame:
  11. yeah, no good :tdown:
    Anyone else? Please?? :shrugs:
  12. Quick recap please or a link to your story?
    I'm curious about this also b/c I think the white ALI is gorgeous :love:but passed on buying one out of fear of having to be overly careful. I'm pretty OCD so if I bought this bag I wouldn't want it to look discolored after wearing it a few times.:nogood: (I realize over time one has to be more careful with a lighter colored bag, but if it got smeared right away I know I would freak:push:.)
    Do I send my husband back to the outlet for a white ALI?:confused1:
  13. I had a White Ali last summer that became BLUE w/ my first use from denim transfer...I could not get the denim off the bag at all. Luckily it was only on the back and bottom of it. If you love the bag, then keep it!!!! It's a gorgeous bag!
  14. I have terrible issues of color transfer with my white Legacy Hippie - I hardly use it anymore. I don't even usually wear jeans, nor did my clothing ever stain anything else. They are beautiful bags, but not practical for me.
  15. hhhmmm is it usually just denim transfer? :confused1: I am tall and the Ali does not hit me on my jeans, but obviously at times it might be by my lap, etc. Decisions, Decisions.... :rolleyes: