Those of you who dye your hair dark brown-- I need help!

  1. I use Attitudes by Logics/Matrix, and it works perfectly. The problem is that I can't buy it myself, I have to have my grandmother who is licensed from a local beauty supply store that carries it.

    It's getting a little difficult to do that though and keep needing her to go buy it for me (especially when I need more right away!) and I wanted to try a different brand from like a Sally's or a place anyone can buy from. I would never ever use'Oreal or any of those though.

    I don't think I've ever been to a Sally's so I really don't know what they carry off the top of my head or anything. But not like L'oreal or those kinds, don't those deposit metals or something-- no idea what I'm talking about, but something about the drugstore kinds are not good for the hair.

    So I'm wanting to know a brand and a color (deep brown) to try out that I can actually buy from a regular beauty store (Attitudes are not carried in those, which is the problem.)
    What that dye has done for me too is it's made my hair super shiny and it feels great for WEEKS. I was hoping others did it too.

    What do you use?

  2. At the local Sally's here the people who work there seem to know the products and are very helpful. They do carry a pretty good selection of hair color. I think you should ask a person working there to explain the color lines and you might find something that will work for you. I know I have seen color that gives you a shine too but I don't know what it was because I was just wandering around the store while my sister was buying thing.
    Good luck.