Those Of You Using Tabbed Browsers

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  1. What's usually the maximum number of tabs that you have open?

    Sometimes I just don't want to close out tabs, or type a new web address in an existing window, so I'll just add another tab. OR if a site opens up links in new tabs, like tPF does, I'll just leave them know, just in case. I do bookmark sites as well, but I have about 400 bookmarks, so it's a pain to scroll through them all the time.

    I just counted, though, and I have 29 tabs. And I like using Firefox because they'll save all your tabs from the previous session.

    Is this too unusual?
  2. ha ha! I just got done tabbing as much as possible.

    I dont know how much there were, but there was a flashing arrow for the next batch of tabs. hope that helps

    I also keep tabs open. first tab will be tpf, second and third a couple of stores, fourth maybe another blog..and so forth.
  3. Yup.. sometimes I definitely have more than 20 tabs..
  4. I tend to only peruse a couple sites, so I have at most 5 tabs, but for bookmarks, I have (with DH) about 500 (mostly DH). We have them organized though so I can always find what I want pretty quickly. It drives me NUTS however when DH has a gazillion tabs open on the laptop. We haven't divided it by user, so I open a new window, but I always wonder, WHY does he need to 'see' so much at one time.

    Right now, for instance, I have TPF on a tab, my yahoo email, Baltimore CL and Washington DC CL and sometimes I'll have a google or yahoo tab for searching things too.
  5. I'm the odd one out then, because I normally just have two or three up - any more and I forget what I'm doing, especially if it's tPF tabs!
  6. At home on our iMac we usually have about 10 tabs open at once, but at work, my computer is so old and slow that I can only have 2 or 3 open at once before it crashes!
  7. at the most i may have 5-6 tabs open and then i close the ones that i don't need...i don't like to have too many.
  8. I always have atleast 3 or 4 tabs open. Usually its around 6 guess, sometimes more but once I see the arrow I feel like I have too many tabs open and close a few that I dont need. I find that if I have a lot of tabs open my laptop is more likely to freeze up or hang.
  9. Heh, I love tabs. I have 11 right now, I'd say 12-15 is my average.
  10. Oh, tabs, how do I love thee.

    Right now I have 22 open. I usually open up pages to look at later (near future, so I don't have to dig through bookmarks). I'd say I have a minimum of 8 open at any time, but usually more.

    Caxe, isn't that the best, when Firefox remembers what you had open? Ahh, thank you.
  11. I usually have about 5 tabs open.

    I have all of my bookmarks in folders(Health & Beauty, Shopping, Forum, etc.) and filed alphabetically. It helps tremendously when Im trying to find something, makes my life MUCH easier!
  12. I always use tabs. I have Google Chrome which doesn't save tabs, the most I've probably had is 20 or so.
  13. i don't like having lots of windows or tabs open. the most tabs i will have open is 4. as soon as i don't need something i x out of it :P
  14. I use firefox as well, most of the time I have 4 or 5 browser windows open and about 15 or more tabs in several of the windows. I like the idea of the saved sessions.
  15. The most I have is 3 or 4...I don't like seeing a lot of tabs, it makes me feel like I have too much to do.