Those of you using agendas as wallets

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  1. Does the small size agenda work well for this?
  2. that's the size i use. i absolutely love it.
  3. I have a Koala PM that I think is perfect. You can choose to not carry the full agenda (I have Jan-June in mine that's pictured) and put filofax inserts to make it more wallet-like. The credit card holder you see in the back of mine fits 4 cards and was only $3. They also have a zip pocket that fits right in to carry change, etc. plus other options.

  4. Just wanted to let you know that there are some lame freaks out there on the internet, so you might wanna take those pics down w/ ur credit card #'s. :yes: I love your agenda BTW!
  5. ^ True!
  6. ok, I edited my pics to avoid the freaks :yes:

    Thanks for the heads up. I thought the one with the flash took care of things, but I forgot to even check the second pic.
    agenda2.JPG agenda3.JPG
  7. I just checked out filofax. I have the small 3 ring agenda (4x6). Another post said it would take filofax 'pocket', but it looks to me like it should take 'personal or slim'. Before I order, anyone know for sure?
  8. The inserts you see in the PM agenda in my pics are "pocket" sized.
  9. NP hun. I had my purse stolen and on the same day, some "freak" started charging walmart purchases on my amex. Then spent 60 bucks on gas, and went to jack in the box... all in one day.
  10. wow this is really helpful! thanks!
  11. oh yea, it has all but replaced use of a wallet unless i am carrying a bag too tiny for it! (ie:mini mono pochette)
    see attached!
    groom2.jpg groom3.jpg
  12. I think I must carry too much crap in my wallet. I oredered the pomme sm ring...and am going to have to send it back as I don't think there's any way I can fit everything in there...filofax and all.:crybaby:It was much smaller than I thought...darn I wish I had a boutique in which to touch the pieces!!:yes: