Those Of You In So. Ca - Private Sale

  1. notice:

    CHANEL-Pre Fall Show
    Private Sale
    Spring/Summer 2006 Collection
    June7th - June 9th
    Where: South Coast Plaza Costa Mesa, CA
    Call your SA today. Mine is Joey!
    Hope to see ya there @ the Boutique.:yes: :P :flowers:
  2. Actually I just called and they start tomorrow, open at 9:00 and it will be crazy Monday 30th ! I will be there rain or shine, traffic and all !!
  3. south coast? i am DEFINITELY going to be there tomm! :smile: do you think any of the costume jewelry will be on sale?
  4. I don't know about the jewerly, too excited and forgot to ask, i will soon find out!
  5. Really, they're opening at 9:00 on Sunday???:shocked:
  6. Waite a minute girls, Tomorrow does not make sense and neither does 9:00 I am calling tomorrow and asking to speak w/ my SA to confirm the above info, I spoke to someone else. I am terribly sorry if this is a mistake, I am questioning myself and the gal I spoke to now big-time.
    Call first. Stores don't open that early anway on Sun. Right? Hum.
    Please check it out & call first, 'cause I will feel like an idiot!
  7. keykey did you end up going to south coast on sunday? what kind of stuff were on sale? thanks in advance! :smile: :heart:
  8. 0o0o0o, hope you guys all have a great time!!!!
  9. My SA is Joey too. She's the most helpful out of all the SAs there. I was there on Monday and she told me the sale will start on June 7th.

    Unfortunetly the bag I'm eyeing is not on sale :sad: