those of u who have gallery totes?

  1. i dont have a gallery tote but is it easy to get in and out of the bag? it is a jacket zipper so does it open and close easily?thanks for ur input.
  2. I have a gallery tote & find it easy to get in and out of. The zipper does close & open easily.
  3. I just usually leave mine unzipped unless I am going somewhere where it *needs* to be closed for safety reasons, etc. I find it easy to zip/unzip. And of course if its open all the time its very easy to get into.
  4. I always leave my gallery tote unzipped. I think I've only zipped it up once. It's a great bag!

  5. I have the choc sig. I don't think you will have any prob with that.
  6. I like being able to zip my at least part way on my holiday patchwork gallery tote. I'm sure I'm breaking some unwritten Coach rule, but I've taken a safety pin and from the underside pinned it near the 'end' of the zipper. Now it won't come completely unzipped and you can't see the pin at all.
  7. I have one it works great.

  8. OK..that is a GREAT idea! I just purchased the choc/sig gallery tote and I wanted some way for it not to unzip all the way! GREAT idea!:yes: I am going to love this bag!
  9. patt222 can u explain a little bit in detail how u put the safety pin. thanks.
  10. CCfor C did u understand how pat222 put the safety pin on the tote. it seems i am a dumbo as i am not clear on that.can u explain?