Those of u who carry a Tide Bleach Pen, what do you use it for?

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  1. I understand the concept, to remove stains of course! But it is bleach, is it not? Thus it will bleach whatever you put it on right? So what are you guys using it for? With so many women saying they carry a Tide Bleach Pen in their bag, Im wondering do you use it on your bag, your clothes, or what? Or only white things?
  2. i have one and i bring it with me pretty much EVERYWHERE. i actually try not to use it on white because i did that one time and it unfortunately turned it into a yellow spot (it only does this on certain be aware it could happen but isn't definite). i use it on any other color i am wearing tho and i use it whenever i comes in handy if my drink splashes a little on my clothing, if i drop some food on my shirt...pretty much anything. i try not to go anywhere without it. i can be a little clumsy sometime and it comes in super handy!
  3. No, no, no, the regular Tide pen is not bleach. I'm not sure exactly what it is, but it seems to be concetrated Tide laundry detergent. I use it whenever I spill something. It took out coffee stain the other day...Clorox does make a bleach pen, but I bough that for cleaning purposes and for all white articles of clothing.
  4. Yup, not bleach. I have two little kids, so you can imagine how many stains I deal with every day :lol: And, if I am carrying it in a non-leather purse (e.g., a Tokidoki bag), I will use it on that if it gets dirty!
  5. on clothes! :smile:
  6. Mostly for my kids' clothes!
  7. It's just stain remover (and not a very good one). I hate them, because Tide came along with their fancy Kelly Ripa commercials and edged my beloved Shout wipes out of the market. Shout wipes work a zillionnnnnnn times better IMO and you can't even buy them anymore where I live. The Tide pens leave a wet spot that takes forever to dry and when it does there's a big ring where the stain was. :hysteric:
  8. I want to get one to use for spaghetti sauce "cast off". I always find one spot on me after the pasta meals... the only question, if the stain remover gets on your skin (thru the fabric), will it irritate?
  9. It sounds like it will... i've never used this product (it sounds like it's made just for me though! but i'm fairly sure we don't have one in Australia) but detergent is harsh on skin, so concentrated detergent would be bad!
  10. they work ok, but i had one leak in bag, so i leave it in my drawer at work now. all my coworkers no to go get it when they spill!
  11. They are great to have on hand. My son spilled his hot chocolate and some got on my cream blouse (we were heading to a wake) and the stain came out! It dried pretty quickly too.
  12. These are definetly not bleach unlike the clorox pens. I carry one with me all the time and it is probably the most useful thing in my purse. It's great for those little stains you get while eating and yet have no idea where they came boyfriend is notorious for those so I use it on him a lot. Other than clothing, I have not used it on anything else. As for irritating the skin, I've gotten it on my skin before and nothing happened but usually I place a napkin underneath the stain that I'm trying to get out to minimize skin contact.
  13. I bought the Tide pen and it's fantastic! I've used it for burrito stains on a white shirt and coffee stains. It gets the stain out 90% of the time.
  14. I don't know how I lived without the Tide To Go pen. I haven't had a spot yet that it didn't get out and have never had any skin them!! I've even used them on the Coach scarf print fabric and it worked like a charm.

    I used to like the Shout wipes a lot, but they would dry up in their little packets after a while if I didn't use them.
  15. I spilled a half a glass of red wine on a pair of pale yellow canvas Cole Haans. I had the Tide stain remover at home, so I tried it. Took the whole purple mess off and saved my shoes!!