Those leather tags with the designer name

  1. do you keep those tags on the bag? not the paper ones with the price on it (obviously -- even i'm not that dumb), but those leather ones, e.g., the coach name tag on the metal chain that comes on the buckle or whatever on the outside of the bag. or isabella fiore bags have those metal and leather tags on a leather string. is that tacky? i take mine off but a lot of times i've seen people carrying coach bags with the thing still on.

    finally i have a forum where i can ask people who would know the answer to this ...
  2. I keep them on my bag :yes: Actually I only have it on a couple of my handbags, and I dont use them that much anyways, but they stay on my bag.

    I dont think it's tacky at all.
  3. The only bag in current rotation of mine with one of these is a cynthia rowley one and I don't think I can even take it off without permanently damaging the hardware. It's on a hangy thing that isn't like the little chains on coach.

    So it's on there and I don't think it's tacky because I would have to break it in order to remove it so I guess it's meant to be there.
  4. My Gryson Olivia has a little tag like that with the name of the bag on it, and I kept it on. I thought I would take it off, but when I saw it on the bag it looked like it belongs there.
  5. I keep the hangtag on my Coach leather messenger- it's very discreet and a nice touch on a logo-less bag (it does keep falling off though- every once in while I notice it's missing and have to retrace my steps until I find it :cursing: )
  6. I asked that question myself when I was new here! 'Cause my GF says it's "tacky" to leave those tags on, but I disagree. I keep the tags on my Coach just like I keep the locks on my Speedy, Paddy, etc.
  7. I've taken the tags off the outside of my Coach bags and attach them to zipper pulls on pockets inside. That's at least partly because I'm afraid of losing them, I have to admit, although Coach will replace them if you ask.

    What I think is tacky is leaving the hangtag on a Coach belt. That just looks...I dunno. Insecure. "I know you can't tell it's Coach without a tag!" :s

    On the other hand, I love LV mono logo, so hey. I'm not consistent. :p
  8. I think it's tacky....
  9. I've always left them on....never thought of it as tacky till mentioned here!
  10. At one time, all I carried was Coach, and I left the tags on...proud to carry a Coach bag! The bags I have now don't have any tags, so it's not an issue. It never crossed my mind that someone would think it's tacky.
  11. Coach...yes.
  12. When it's just a simple metal or stamped leather tag I don't think it's tacky at all.
  13. Yeah..the only ones I've had like that are Coach ones and I've always left them on. Well when I got one of my bags, I took it off and had it on my keys for quite awhile but then I put it back on my bag.
  14. I don't think I've ever had a bag where you would have to break a chain, or a leather loop, to remove a tag; so it's never been an issue.

    Tacky or not, I'd certainly think hard before removing something that I'd have to break, as it might well affect the future value, if I ever decided to sell (or,
    more likely, my relatives decided to sell after my death!). :s
  15. For Coach, I leave it on too.