"those jeans look really uncomfortable..."

  1. <rant on>
    What is the deal with people and their snarky comments?

    I went to the liquor store for my yearly stock up trip and the cashier was this grandmotherly looking type in her uniform (we have state run liquor stores here...we can't just purchase at grocery stores or wherever).

    I was wearing Mavi jeans (boot cut) in a lighter wash (great jeans at Macy's!).

    So I get to the counter and the cashier says "I've always wanted to ask this, but are those jeans comfortable?" HUH? I said "yes, of course." Then she says "they look really uncomfortable...I could never wear anything cut so low." I gave her a dirty look and walked out. How rude! Maybe I'm on the rag and therefore a little emotional, but I took that as a personal slap. :cursing: Gawd, I hope I'm never that bitter and crotchety when I'm her age!

    <rant off>
  2. If she's grandmotherly, then she's used to her pants hiked up. I just usually laugh and say, "yeah, they're comfortable. I own several pair!" There's no point in getting huffy puffy over someone who's used to tucking their boobs in their pants.
  3. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  4. I mean sure she's old and I know I am meant to be all 'aaa...poor Granny', but I do find sometimes people like this old or young just say these things to be mean!
    Maybe she really wanted to be informed if they were comfy or not. Never the less, I wuld get annoyed as well. But maybe thats just the pessimist in me.

  5. Now, that was great