Those inclusion bracelets...

  1. So where are you guys finding/buying these? I don't see them on elux and I don't think I ever saw them at my LV. Also how much are they? I love them but are they hard to find?
  2. I actually don't own an Inclusion bracelett, but have seen them stocked in my nearest LV! They are not on display thought, I had to ask to view them.
    The Inclusion bracelett GM (larger size) currently retails for around £180 GBP.
    And the smaller goes for around £125 GBP.
  3. They usually have them at the larger LV global stores. Elux had some but they sell out quick! I've been fortunate with 3 inclusion bracelets. I suggest you to either call 866vuitton so they can locate one for you. Grab them before they're absolutely gone.
  4. I got the last one off really...I did.

    Do call 1866...they located one for me since I am returning the one I bought off Elux due to some flaws (see my thread).

    They were able to locate one for me in FL.
    It retails for $350 plus taxes for the GM.
    I can't remember how much for the PM but i think it's close on price to the GM. I am sure someone can chime in on that.

    GL finding one :biggrin:
  5. I Love The Inclusion Bracelets!!! Definitely 1-866 Is Your Best Bet.....I Can't Wait For The New Colors!!! :smile:
  6. When are the new colors due to come out?
  7. I've seen them in the store at KOP. I don't remember seeing it in Chevy Chase, MD or Maui, HI one.
  8. when you're at Elux just do a search on "inclusion" it will bring up what they have instock.
  9. my store has one beige GM left...i ordered mine from 866-VUITTON.
  10. I called 866-VUITTON last week and two different operators said there are no more PM sized bracelets left in the US. However there are many GMs left.
  11. I got the last one from Chevy Chase in June.
  12. I been looking for an inlcusion bracelet too. I really want a black one. I'll have try 866-VUITTON.
  13. I absolutely adore this line! I ordered the ring from eLuxury, but the order hasn't been fulfilled yet and I am wondering if they are trying to locate the ring. I have the bracelet on my birthday wish list and I hope that they still have the GM within two weeks!
  14. I really love this line too...I'm hoping to get an inclusion piece in the white or raspberry! maybe you can wait till the new colors come out! my SA said in Oct...not too sure about that though
  15. I just received my pm beige yesterday (Atlanta, GA store through 1-866). They had originally shipped out my order on July 26th but Fed-Ex lost it so they shipped it overnight. They must still have the PM around if they were able to get me one so fast.

    The black is sold out though. :sad: