those in Hawaii looking for transporto.............

  1. ok I think I have been to all the lesportsac stores in Oahu and the only place I found transporto at was at the DFS Galleria.

    They unfortunately DO NOT have any denaros but they do have mamma mia, ciao, bambinone, bella and scuola that I remember. I think they also had a ciao ciao and a canguro but I can't be certain. Oh and they also have a notte mamma mia with the black adios qee and some other notte/fumo bags w/the adios qee.

    ok gotta run since my internet time is almost out............ALOHA!!

    Going back home thurs afternoon, Hawaii has been great. Would have been better if the kiddos didn't come! Oh well, there's always next year!!
  2. Hope you Enjoyed Hawaii!
    O:huh:...i never knew DFS had TRASPORTO! I'm heading there tomorrow morning to check it out!
  3. hahah nevermind. I'm having a mind fart. xD
  4. Tracy!! I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed your stay!! :biggrin: LOL and THANK YOUUU for letting us know that DFS has Trasporto.. I dont think ANYONE from here knew that hahaha :roflmfao: I'll have to check it out in person.. but its not like I'll buy anything... BANNNNNN~!! :sad:
  5. hahaha now lurkers are going to be heading straight there!! :biggrin: ..sure buy buy! :graucho:
  6. STOPPPP IT :p Its already bad enough that I bought my Adios Star zip up hoody :lol: No bags!!
  7. wow congrats! I was thinking of getting the same thing!!! but eek..maybe not now.. hahah
  8. "eeek"?!?!! hahaha what do you mean? :p buy buy buy :graucho:
  9. :lol: I almost bought one last week, but i didnt click it cuz i couldnt justify paying that much when i could use that for another bag :lol::graucho:
  10. dana: Congrats on the hoodie! and at least get a little denaro or something in trasporot ;) you know you really should before they go poof!
    sillya: dooo iiiiit... you know you want that purdyful hoodie. It's awesome!
  11. hahaha you enabler!! do you have one yet?? :graucho:
  12. hehe yeah... I got mine at Macy's I have a posted up in the forum I think it was in the JapanLA thread :biggrin:
  13. Does Hawaii normally get stuff a few weeks later than everyone else?
  14. Yeah, Hawaii gets stuff later it seems. I don't know why. It really sucks. It's a great way to get customers: We get our stuff later than the mainland AND you get to pay jacked up prices!! Come and buy!! :cursing:
  15. I don't mind paying more for what I really want. I just worried that what I want will be sold out before my frined in Hawaii will be able to buy it for me. At the LSS in Ala Moana, do MM's fly off the shelves like no tomorrow? heh, if it comes out on a monday, will there still be some on a Saturday when my friend can actually purchase one?