Those free stuff offers

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  1. Has anyone ever done one of those "complete this survey and get a free Dooney etc. etc." things? Are they scams?
  2. A bunch of people on livejournal have done

    A lot of them received the LV Manhattan GM and some people even returned them to Eluxury to get something different.
  3. in general, they're scams, but based on what i've read on lj does seem fairly legit, even though you have to jump through a ton and a half hoops to complete it.
  4. ^ are you bring real how can the company affored to give the bag away for free.
  5. They afford it by upselling you to a ton of other services that they get commission for. Obviously nothing in the world is for free, they will make sure that their profit margin is right for each bag they "give away".
  6. plus you have to fill out these tax forms with the bag so it's not really "free" since you could end up paying an exorbitant amount in taxes (but still somewhat free)
  7. Yeah, the bag isn't totally free because of the offers, etc. Even after all of these costs, the bag is less than at the boutique.
  8. Not sure if the hoops you need to jump through are worth the effort and justify the savings. Plus you need to the overly cautios not to miss out on the small print, because otherwise you might find yourself opt into dozens of paid services that you were referred to without your knowledge.
  9. Plus you give them your personal info such as your name and address and you will get #@&&%()* of junk mail sent to you as well as catalogs mailed to you.
  10. Don't forget, your information is now privy to many, many more businesses. I recall people mentioning that the process is so spam inducing for email that it's wise to set up an email account dedicated to the program.
  11. Yeah, it's legit there's tons of sites out there other than
  12. Let's hope it stays that way. A lot of people who are waiting for their free bags after jumping through "a ton and a half hoops" are being disqualified for one thing or another from the free bag. :Push:

  13. True. That's pretty much why I won't do one of those offers. It's great that some people have actually received LV's and such but I'm too scared!!
  14. I would not recommend doing the offer. The company found out about our LJ group where we discuss what offers to do and how to cancel, etc. We have a list of 10+ girls who have completed everything and should be getting their bags. But YFDB has been changing around their TOS and disqualifying people left and right for the stupidest reasons. They have also been flagging accounts and asking people to prove they've done the offers + confirm their mailing address with a utility bill or something. It's just a big mess and if anyone is thinking about doing it, turn back!
  15. ^^That sounds like a NIGHTMARE!~ Glad I never got caught up in that.