Those Europeans Are Really Onto Something...

  1. I just returned from Europe, and I was amazed at how few people carried handbags there. Most of the people I saw wore crossbody bags, and I used one while over there and loved it! :yes:

    Many of the folks there are commuting by train/metro and walking, and having a crossbody bag makes a lot of sense. I found it was so much easier to navigate things hands free. It made me wish that Coach made more crossbody bags.

    Does anyone here use one? I still tend to use my handbags most of the time--my ali and my ergo--now that I'm back in the States, but part of me really misses that freedom.

    Does anyone here use a crossbody bag? Do you know of Coach making any more down the road?
  2. I like the idea of them, they just don't work for me... I tried my duffle as a cross body and it felt weird and uncomfortable. :shame:
  3. i loved them back in uni, when my arms would b full of books, and for travel, but not so much for work. can b a ppita when u r getting in and out of the car, and somehow just look too casual for work clothes.
  4. The old-style Coach bags, like the Station bag currently on the website under "Classics," are perfect for crossbody usage. I still use it to travel, and in fact a coworker is wearing it in Italy right now.
  5. I like the idea of them and in summer it's nice depending on the circumstances, like they're great for shopping, but in winter where I live we have big, thick winter coats and crossbody bags become a pain to use. I love the Legacy Hippie though. So cute!
  6. I like to have my bag close to me. Having it across my body just feels like it is too far away from me and I can't make sure no one is trying to stick their hand in...
  7. When on vacation I always wear a swingpack across my body OR around my waist like a belt bag. It doesn't go quite small enough for my waist but enough so I don't lose it. LOL! I love wearing it like this to my hands are totally free. Even in a swingpack, I can hold my money, ID, cellphone and camera. No problem.
  8. Same with me...I have a couple of swing packs and some other longer bags...those are the style I use on vacation so I can be hands free and have my stuff close to me. I also have a large duffle I do it with by reconfiguring the strap from short to long. Thats my favorite thing about the duffles is being able to change the length for cross body or shoulder use.
  9. I think cross-body bags are cute and very functional/practical, but look too casual for me.
  10. The duffles are great for converting to cross-body. I usually use them during winter over my thick coat. I take the subway to work and it's really convenient that it won't slide off my shoulder, my hands are free, and the bag is close to my hip for easy reach. But for the other seasons I prefer the over-the-shoulder bags as it's more fashionable with outfits!
  11. It does depend upon the season and also what you're doing. I like them when I have to be very mobile and have my little ones in tow; if it's work related or such, I go for my traditional handbag. So nice to have choices!:p
  12. I have a lot of cross-body bags, which I think work great with little ones. My coach cross-body bags are the janice's legacy, soft duffle (extremely versatile!), and station bag. My non-coach are easy to wear as well (Ani Nadia, bunch of Not Rational bags)...

    The thing is, it's a little like the grass is always greener. When I wear my cross-body bags a lot, I start to romanticize about those feminine shoulder and hand-held bags. I'm happy I kept a few of each style! :smile:
  13. maybe when it becomes kinda hip here in america to have something like that, you'll see coach come out with more styles. other than that, what the other gals mentioned are about the only ones that have come out. check out the classic! you can't go wrong with that one
  14. Thats why I love my Legacy Hippie - I must have a crossbody bag.

    The SA in the Coach store showed me another crossbody they have out or are going to - forgot the name of it but it is similar in size to the Hippie but has lacing up the sides
  15. TejasMama:

    I like you own the Legacy Hippie bag in whiskey and love it.
    I think that Coach is coming out with the Ergo Cross body in brown which I hope to buy for the next PCE. Hands free is great for me when I run around with my kids or am out and about.