those charity denim things.

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  1. My roommate's sorority is hosting a Charity Denim event on campus in a few weeks. I went to it last year..the jeans looked good and real to me. Didn't end up buying anything and then I heard from here and on Honest Forum over the summer that most of the jeans at these type of things are FAKE.

    I've expressed my concerns to my roommate about these jeans. They are still pretty expensive..minimum price like $80..I told her it's pretty awful to sell people FAKE jeans for that much money.

    I think someone on here said they did indeed find a pair of fake jeans at one of these events and the coordinator did nothing about it.

    I am just you guys have any quick tips about authenticating Sevens, Citizens, R&R, TR right there on the spot? I wish i could take pics and then bring them back here for authentication but it's a one day only event.
  2. I would say if you can, just look up some of the eBay authenticating guides and read through them, they usually provide quick tips that are easy to remember if you are 'out' and about...

    or one of my eBay jeans sellers told me about her friend that works for Nordstrom who has to go through training to be able to do returns for clothing...and they have a checklist they use, so maybe you could go to Nordie's and ask an SA if they can share some tips with you for when you go to this event?
  3. I'm just curious how to know that the apparel selling online in authenticated?
  4. has a list of trustworthy sellers as does the wardrobe forum on here, you just need to ask around because many of us buy from eBay and sellers quickly get a good or bad reputation based off our purchases and reviews! Trust me news travels fast!!!