Those boots were made for walking

  1. I am so intrigued by Hermes boots. Please advise me if you own boots on the comfort of them. The riding boots are gorgeous, but I don't wear anything high enough to show the top part...would it be silly to buy them?
    Also, I saw (my SA sent a pic) of lower boots, but the heel looks kind of high. Any suggestions?
  2. IMO it would be silly to buy the riding boots for streetwear. Riding boots are not really 'made for walking' and boy, do they need to be 'broken in'. Also - this is my very personal opinion - they look out of place with normal clothes.
  3. I think there is a certain difference between true riding boots and streetwear boots made to look like riding boots.

    Riding boots are usually made from hard leather (I think it's something to do with riding posture) and they can be uncomfortable especially around the calf, because they are not at all flexible there. My mother's old riding boots are gorgeous, but I just can't wear them because they actually hurt my calves if I wear them for more than half an hour.:sad:
  4. thanks hello and tuXa...maybe they aren't for me!