Those adorable pouches..

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  1. Hi ladies, I am new to RM! I am obsessed w/those pouches..I ordered my first one last night from Bloomingdales, the brown 'allowance' once. I want the 'trust fund' one but on the Bloomies website it's only measuring 5.25 long like the 'allowance' one..and it's $110, it appears longer like 7 x 5 or so. Is the 'Benjamin' one the only one w/ credit card slots?

  2. Hi sagranch! Yes, it's easy to become obsessed w/RM pouches (and bags...) :smile:
    The Bloomies description is confusing, but there are Trustfund pouches in both sizes. The one retailing for $110 does have credit card slots, just like the Benjamins, and it measures 8" x 4". I know because I have a pale grey Trustfund that I'm using as my main wallet!

    Check out this [thread=469409]thread[/thread] for more pics and info on pouches. HTH!
  3. Please search before starting a new thread, thanks!
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