Thora by Tory Burch for $75 NOW THRU SUNDAY ONLY!

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  1. so cute!! great deal! thx so much!!
  2. Awesome deal. Just bought the black pair! :tup:
  3. They're adorable. I think they're a "must have!" Thanks!
  4. Ooh, so tempting, but I'm really holding out for a pair of Jack Rogers or Bernardos this year. Hmm, decisions,!
  5. does anyone know how these fit? i wear a 7.5 in the reva flats... so do i size up or size down?
  6. I bought one at Saks for $57. It doesn't have enough support so it hurts when I walk.
  7. i tried these on in october in montreal because they were already out with all of the resort stuff, and i thought they would be useful when i was in texas for december. they were also cheaper in canada ($90 CND, which is even less USD when you convert it) than they were on the saks site ($115), so i figured i'd give them a whirl.

    they have NO SUPPORT, but if you don't have narrow feet/high arches, they are A-DORABLE irl. the metallic ones are casual enough to wear with jeans, but nice enough to wear with a sundress.
  8. Don't buy the metallic ones, I bought them, and after one wear(I swear), the metallic came off. It looked so ugly.
  9. I have these from last year in patent black - freakin adorable but dont expect to wear them for hours at a time - foot bed is thin and hard - I walked in them at a street fair for a few hours and OMG did my feet ache for days.
  10. Uh oh, I bought silver ones :sad:
  11. I have 3 pairs from last summer and plan to get a brown pair at PT tomorrow. Love these and especially for this price.
  12. maybe spray them with a leather protectant before you wear them?

    i have the j.crew marsala flats in this same brushed leather in gold, and the color only rubbed off on the back where the shoe constantly hits the pavement. the rest is fine. i don't see how/why the metallic would rub off since there wouldn't be anything rubbing against it, so maybe you'll luck out.
  13. I wore the silver and gold all last summer and they still look brand new.
  14. how do they fit?