1. Has anyone tried the Hanky Panky thongs?
    They look really nice- but I feel like 18$ is ALOT to spend on ONE thong....

    Is it really justified?
    Is the claim worlds most comfortable true?
  2. They are amazing and very comfortable. I never pay $18 for them though, I always buy tons at the Nordstrom anniversary sale and I get them for like $12. My NM Last Call also has them for $12.
  3. wow those look so cute! I am going to have to check these out.
  4. Totally worth it!
  5. Amazing! Except I never pay $18 either..my best friend works at a boutique and can get them for $10 with her discount so I always ask her to buy some for me :smile:
  6. I also heard they were comfortable. $18.00 for a pair of underwear are too expensive, IMO.
  7. Haven't tried them. I don't usually wear thongs.. I feel like I have a wedgie all the time LOL.
  8. Best undies! I'll buy one pair every like...4 months. Also, the gap has a cheaper, maybe even comfier version that are IDENTICAL those. I suggest you check em out!
  9. I only wear hanky pankys. They are the best!
  10. Hanky Panky also makes a boy short that is FAB!
  11. I just purchased "ultra low" waist thongs from the GAP for .97
    They look just like these hanky pankys. They are super comfy. I don't have a pair of Hanky PAnkys so I can't compare. Check out the GAP, all of the underwear are on sale (bought in store, online has different prices)
  12. ^^ I've found many will "look" like HP's but they don't feel like them IMO!... I pretty much never pay $18 for them and I think they are wonderful. I do still need cosabella string things in my life though because the HP's do get bunchy with certain pants and jeans.
  13. Make sure you get the low rise Hanky Panky thong. I have the regular one and they are so high I need to scrunch it down. I got this ($26)which I thought was a bit pricey but so worth it?
  14. hanky panky's are hands down the best thongs out there!!! i never once had that "wedgie" feeling happen to me like how any other thongs do.

    I buy all of mines at Nordstrom Rack! they are only $8.97!
    I'm sure you can find them at all NR locations!
  15. if you're in europe, hunkenmoller makes a good version of this at a lower price and specific sizings :smile:
    i want to try some HPs too but they don't have them in my country, boo :tdown: