Thong Sandals

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  1. Which are the most comfortable thong sandals? I haven't found any that don't rub my toes. Anyone else have this problem?
  2. i do have the same problem. i've found that J.Crew makes really good thong sandals, all leather and very simple and stylish. they come in a variety of colors as well! they're online right now.
  3. I like Jack Rogers, although they are not really thongs. I love them and they are comfortable.
  4. i am a big fan of reef sandals. rainbows are my 2nd choice and havainas are my 3rd choice
  5. Heh, I can pretty much wear any! My feet aren't too sensitive. I like the ones from Old Navy but you probably won't, they're all rubber.
  6. My havaianas seem to wear out quite quickly...or maybe that's just because i wear them all the time cos they're super comfy:tup:
  7. Although they are only beach-appropriate, Crocs thong sandals are supremely comfortable. Others are hit and miss for me, but I very much like embellished thong sandals with heels. They aren't very comfortable, though!
  8. Born thong sandals are amazingly comfortable.
  9. Reefs & Rainbows are totally comfy and cazh. I even find the J. Crew critter ones bearable for a whole day of beach-in'.

    For more formal thongs though, LOVE Mystique. The jeweled kinds are so cute - the perfect way to stroll around in flats during summer w/o feeling under-dressed.
  10. Yes, Born are amazingly comfy. I also like Earth (very good for your feet, but take a little getting use to).
  11. I bought like 6 pairs of Old Navy thongs last time I was in the US. Suuuuper comfy!
  12. I love Old Navy thong sandals and live in them all summer. They're sooo comfy and best of all real cheap! I think I have 10 pairs in different colors :P
  13. Reef are really comfy. Definetely try them! Number 2 for me are Haivaianas. I have them in several colors and also with heels.
  14. Another vote for Reef :tup:
    I also just bought some really cute and sparkly ones that are not rubber from NY & CO that are only 14.95!
  15. i love rainbows, but they take awhile to break in. i love reefs too--very squishy! i've gotten horrible blisters in between my toes from old navy ones.