Thompson top handle bag

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  1. What do you all think about this bag (in toffee). I know they recently discounted it $200. I kind of like the fact that it is carried only in a couple of their stores so I won't see a ton of people carrying it. Do you like this bag? Recently, I decided to try to stay away from the trendier bags. Do you think this bag is less trendy than say, the new Medium Lily? Which do you prefer?
  2. I think the Thompson top handle is way better than the Lily bag and less trendier. Coach went overboard on the hardware of the Lily bag and it looks a little rediculous...sorry if I offended anyone!! Good luck with your decision.
  3. no offense; everyone has their style, i prefer the lily w/ all the hardware and the thompson for me is just a different style.... it just depends on what you like. I do like both bags and think they each offer something different. but i dont think either bag is ridiculous.

    hope you end up getting it! would love to see modeling pics.... i dont think i have seen any
  4. I had seen the Thompson on the website and was in LOVE, then I saw it in person and I was disappointed by the size. I love the shape and look of the bag, I just wish it was larger.
  5. I looked at the Thompson today and the Toffee is beautiful. I would check it out in person. Due to the opening shape and size you may want to make sure it works for you.