Thompson Street...

  1. Is it discontinued???

    What is/what was retail price?

    What colors did it/does it come in?

    TIA :smile: !!!
  2. The Thompson Street is discontinued, sadly. :sad:

    I know it came in baby blue and yellow... I think red too.
  3. beige, silver, baby blue, baby pink, both yellows, red, bronze, purple, fuschia, lavender ... almost all colors, I think someone even found an indigo one. not sure about peppermint or marshmallow.

    no pomme, noisette, framboise or perle though.

    the retail was somewhere between $960-1,080.

    I love the thompson ... it was my first LV and I have two now!! baby blue and mango yellow.
  4. It was made in marshmallow as well :yes: