Thompson Street Advice

  1. Hi!

    I'm looking for a bag I can wear across my body for a holiday in NY. I'm considering the Thompson Street, but I haven't tried one on. (live no where near LV:cry: ) So I thought I better ask you girls before I order one!

    I assumed it would be just a Vernis version of the Musette Tango, but on the Vuitton site is describes the Thompson Street as a shoulder bag.

    What do you think? is it possible to wear the Thompson Street across your body? or is it just a shoulder bag?

    Thanks for your advice & help:flowers:
  2. I had a Thompson Street before...beautiful bag...:heart: but I don't think it's possible to wear it across body at all! The strap is just not long enough.
  3. Oh No! can you not extend the strap?

    Its taken me weeks to pick a bag I like & typically I find one thats no good!:sad:
  4. Nope, strap isn't long enough =( I think the Bosphore is a cute bag to wear across your body. I love my Thompson St though. It's roomy enough for all the essentials and the vernis is pretttty.
  5. Trocadero is cute and great for sightseeing. It has open pocket at the front for easy access, roomy enough for camera etc but not bulky.I love mine !!
  6. The thompson definitely can not be worn across the body. But if you like that shape and style you can try the musette with the long strap. It's available in monogram and damier.
    I had a trocardero and it's great too as bagsnbags suggested. If you want something smaller you can also take a look at the danube or the amazone.
  7. Am sooo disappointed!

    Thanks for your help though ladies! & the suggestions! The only thing is I really, really don't like the Monogram canvas. I liked the Vernis cos its subtle & pretty :sad:

    Thanks for your help though, I really appreciate it. Ah well, just looks like my search starts again....
  8. why don't you try the minna street in the vernis? It can be worn across the body and has the same shape as the viva-cite pm in the monogram. It's tiny though!
  9. how tiny?? can somebody give the dimensions of the minna street? :smile: pls? heh heh
  10. telylie, 8.7" x 6.1" x 3.1". hehehe! :rolleyes: