Thompson Hobo - In action

  1. here is a picture of my ink thompson hobo in action. It slouches beautifully and holds a ton despite being very thin.

    In the bag here are: mini skinny, 2 wristlets, checkbook, ipod, large coach makeupe case, 2 magazines, kleenex, glasses, sunglasses and there is more room!
  2. very nice - loving the color!
  3. Messengerbaglover, that is such a beautiful bag. I hope that you love carrying her for many years to come. I purchased a Thompson Hobo in Toffee for the PCE. I will try and post some pictures tonight.
  4. Love it!!
  5. Looks awsome!:okay:
  6. Beautiful!! Love this bag!
  7. Gorgeous bag!
  8. such a beautiful bag! I really love the two charms you have on it!
  9. I have this bag waiting for me under the tree and seeing yours has me really excited!! It's gorgeous, hope you love it!
  10. Gorgeous, love the charms on it too!
  11. Beautiful!!!
  12. I'm not sure what's hotter, your bag or your avatar :love::lol:
  13. Such a beautiful bag...can you post some pics of the inside?:graucho: I heard that bag has the legacy stripes inside..