Thompson collection and the color ink

  1. I stopped at Coach today to see what is offered in ink. So far they only had the info on the one that Kels got (11423 I think) and the flap and Felicia. Of those, only 11423 is offered in ink so I decided to order it. I inquired about the Thompson collection and my SA said it was the heaviest bag she has picked up in a long time. I was looking at the slim tote and she said it is so incredibly thin that a couple of file folders is going to fill it up. That and the heaviness killed it for me.

    I ordered the duffle in ink, because she assured me that Bleecker and jewelry is EXCLUDED from PCE based upon a conference call they had this AM.

    Can any other SA's confirm if ink is going to come in any of the other Bleecker styles? thanks!
  2. the slim tote is REALLY's like 1 or 2 inches. Super flat...kind of like the LV Sac Plat.

    From what i remember, DEFINITELY the duffles and the slim tote are in INK, and I think the wristlet too...not the Felicia or that other one (name escapes me but another tPFer has it).

    Thompson is huge, but gorgeous, especially that script logo hangtag-thing (can u tell my brain is NOT working?!)

    I was doubly assured that Bleeker was excluded, but again, some SAs bend the rules, but i got my Ergo on PCE, so if they told me no, then...who knows?
  3. Did you see any more of the Thompson collection in the book? I am waiting to order the top handle satchel. It is only a few more days till they get their first shipment at JAX and I cannot wait. Did you see the one I"m talking about?
  4. yes, in the cream
  5. I was not expecting to hear that it is heavy. I't can't be any heavier than the legacy satchel with all that hardware. I had to return that because it was leaving marks in my arm. Did you see it in the book or IRL?
  6. I think the Ink is gonna be a super sell out. Who doesnt love a great blue bag? I would love to see it in a few other styles and for more than one season. I also think the Ink would look incredible with the legacy lining, but oh well.
  7. i totally agree...but you know much as i LOVE and I mean really really really LOVE :heart::heart::heart: the Legacy lining...i think the tatersall is PERFECT with this line. the colors in the tatersall go beautifully with the ink, and you can mix and match accessories (ink duffle, tatersall cosmetic pouch, wine wristlet, etc).

    obviously this is not to say that this can't be done with legacy, but i think the tatersall is gonna be great for fall, while the legacy was beautiful in the spring/summer.

    my ultimate dream, and i know i've said this a million times: CARLY in leather with tatersall lining and brass hardware...then the sig carly with ink trim and ink interior. :drool:
  8. I love satchel's and a in a great color...I'm so excited to see it in "ink!"
  9. I saw it in the book, but my SA saw it IRL and picked it up and she said it's the heaviest bag she's picked up in a long time. I asked her if it was heavier than Mandy and she said yes.
  10. Thank you for the update. I sure hope the satchel is not too heavy for me :sweatdrop: