thompk the same e-bayer stole your grey city b-bag auction

  1. All the photo theft is getting so frustrating...I'm so sorry about your stolen auctions, girls! I really hope eBay pulls them in time!
  2. why not put your name on the picture?
  3. sadly, it doesn't matter anymore, i've had 2 auctions stolen in the last month & all of my photos were watermarked w/my e-bay ID :yucky:
  4. Hey aaallabama! don't know if you saw it or not... But that auction - the grey work - was taken down by eBay! WOO HOO! :yahoo: :happydance: :yahoo:
    1 down ~ 10,000 to go! LOL

    At least there is some justice - some of the time! Oh! And BTW, my dogs name is alabama :yes: I know that was pretty random... But I just had to say it :lol:
    Good night sweetie

    Take care,
    Elle :flowers:
  5. I have been so BUSY lately and I just saw this...damn it!!! I know it wasn't watermarked, but they steal my watermarked ones TOO!!! I am SO tired of these people!!!!!!!