thomas wylde sturdy???

  1. I just got my thomas wylde skull bag(the bigger one with the big skull on it) and LOVE it. had to wait like 3 month to finally find an original one and I am soooo in love with this bag....BUT: I am sooo afraid of using it, because it seems so fragile!

    does anyone of you have this bag=??

    suggestions on how to use it without harm?

    Especially the tassels seem to might get cut off pretty easily....

    hope you gals have some input!

    thanks in advance!
  2. congrats on your new bag. can you post some pics please?
  3. I should definitly update my bag pics on this site!
    will really really do so soon(have been promissing several month by now)
  4. Hi i bought an authentic grey Thomas wylde skull bag 2 months ago and i had to return it yesterday because the some of the small rings that make up the handle opened up hence the handle came apart.
    If you look closely at the individual rings they are not welded together. There's a little opening and the metal is very pliable. The bag is already heavy so when you put things inside your bag i.e make up bag, purse keys, phone etc it adds extra strain on the rings. The buyer at the store said that i was paying for the unusual design of the handle and that if all the rings were welded together i would be paying a lot more than £1550.00. Unbeleivable!! I am so upset. They refuse to refund. They will only exchange for a new bag. But i'm scared of the same thing happening again. This bag looks and feels solid in it's structure but when you take a closer look you realise that it is badly designed.
  5. ^ that is absolutely unacceptable!! the rings definitely should be welded together on a bag that costs THAT much...
  6. Wow! They should stand by their product - especially at those prices!! I truly can't believe they said that.
  7. You can try to dispute the item with your credit card for a full refund.
  8. Mine has been holding up well, but I do understand the chain/ring issue, mine is the same way. I bet all are made the same. Actually, if a child handles the chain, their fingers could be slightly scratched. It happend to my daughter, she didn't get hurt, but she was like "what the heck".

    Besides that issue, I love the bag. I have the purple/eggplant color. I'll try to take a picture in awhile. Just be very careful getting it wet, if it gets saturated it will leave a water stain. The tip of my wet umbrella was accidently on my bag, and I can see a water stain. No one else would probably notice unless I pointed it out because the leather is distressed.
  9. Hi guys. Let me update u.....After a few teeth were pulled so to speak, they exchanged my grey bag for a new black 1 which i preferred and since the bag came with a zipped interior pocket with a metal TW disc on it and a cross with wings (metal logo badge) on the back above the pockets......this was a bonus, it really added something to the bag and to be honest these features should have been there initially at this price!
    To cut a long story short most of the 84 rings (yes i counted) began to open up, even though i only carried my purse mobile phone and house keys inside it knowing how weak the handle was. I wore the bag 3 times only and not for more than an hour or 2 at the most.
    I took the bag to a jeweller and asked if they could weld each individual ring and they said it would cost £3 per ring, so 84 rings would end up costing me £252.00 and he really didn't fancy doing the job. So i decided to take the bag back to store and without hesitation they offered me a full refund.
    Michele you are absolutely right about the sharp ended, open rings scratching the skin because i ended up with a scratch when i wore the bag on my bare shoulder. And the issue with the water mark does not sound good at all. I sell designer vintage pieces that come a long way with no water stains because the leather has been treated and is of high quality. Paula Thomas has clearly not done her home work. She's obviously had the bag made up somewhere as cheaply as possible in order to make maximum profit.
    My Hub bought me the timeless leopard louis vuitton stephen bag for xmas which i am in love with. It's really a work of art and the craftsmanship is flawless i feel confident wearing it which is what you expect with price tags like these.

  10. I am so glad it worked out for you, and you got a refund. I never even thought that they probably did not even treat the bag. I guess that is something I better look into myself. It's a shame about the quality since the bag cost just as much as a Chanel.
  11. .....And thank u guys for your comments, i do appreciate your support.x
  12. Here is a picture of my bag as promised:
    TW1.jpg tw2.jpg