Thomas Wylde Skull bags in!

  1. For anyone who is interested ... has just received today a shipment of the skull print leather bags in black and in brown. The retail price is $1975. I would love:love: to buy a bag but I don't think I can afford to pay the duties and taxes on these babies. I guess I'll just have to be content looking at the pics:
  2. Thanks asl for that link! Bookmarking. . .now! :P
  3. VERY cool bags, but I didn't realize they were that pricey!
  4. Wow! Very nice. I heard these are totally sold at at Maxfield and other places. Good find!
  5. Its not there?? Is it sold out already??
  6. Found it! :biggrin: I bought the brown one :biggrin:
  7. Congrats, Superbaby! Please post pics when the bag arrives. I've seen the black on people before, but never the brown.
  8. Superbaby, I am sooo jealous right now!! Now you have all three colors, don't you? Pls post pics of all three of them together!! I'm so lusting over this bag but with the exchange rate and the extra duties and taxes, it will cost me almost three grand canadian:sad2:
  9. I also just bought the black one, but I found that I could get this from Barneys later, is that true? What's the real price of this bag? If I paid too much at this site, I want to cancel it before they process it. Thanks.
  10. That's the correct retail price for the bag ... Barney's was selling the Thomas Wylde skull leather bags for $1975 as well.
  11. Oh, then, I must be lucky :biggrin: Thank you ~

  12. no problem;)
  13. Is barney still selling them? you have to be on wait list for this bag though.
  14. I think Barney's has a waitlist but you could call to see if they received their stock as well.
  15. I'm dying to see this bag in person, so out of curiosity I tried Barneys today (NYC and Boston). Neither location received any stock and did not expect to any time soon.