Thomas Wylde Skull Bag ...

  1. Anyone have it ? If you do , can I see a pic ? I'm kinda wanting this bag .....

    Thanx !
  2. i'm sorry i don't have any bag from him, althoug it looks nice on the photos :P the price range is quite high too for a brand i'm not too familiar yet
  3. I like the look of the bag but would not pay that amount for a make that is not as established as Hermes/Chanel. Here are a couple of pics borrowed from ebay:
    8e_1.jpg 85_1.jpg
  4. ^ Thanks Rose ! I think that is the Oxford bag , though . I'm pretty confident all the bags on ebay are fakes since I found a bunch of fake ones on another site . No reason for anyone to sell that bag , that cheap .