Thomas Wylde Original or New Style?

  1. Girls,
    I need your opinions ......... should I get the original skull bag or wait for the new styles due out shortly?
    AND, black or gray? Has anyone seen the gray? I have enough black bags, but then again .......
    Help & Thanks!
  2. It depends! Is the new style vastly different to what is out at the moment?, and does it still have the same gorgeous silk skull lining in. There is something lovely about the black Skull bag, it just is soooo rock chick.
  3. chloe-babe here is the new style in black & gray ...........

    280008866620 or 280010266989 on E Bay -- the gray looks so amazing!

    Original or New?? Black or Gray?
  4. OMG...I love the new style. That will always and forever be out of my price range unless I win the lottery. The details are stunning and the leather just looks so .......ahhhhhhh
  5. The new TW is so HOT! The original is always great to have as it was the first, but the new one is so YUMMY! I love the Grey!!
  6. Thanks girls --- anyone else?
  7. I love those bags... TDF!!!!! the gray :love:
  8. Thanks D & G .......... yes, I think the new style is the one for me! I was just so undecided about the black or gray.
  9. I forgot to vote...gray all the way!
  10. Thanks LoriB!
  11. Thanks chloe-babe for posting the links! Yes, still torn on the black/gray issue -- my thinking the original in black the new in gray??
  12. I vote for the Gray!!!!
    IMO it looks better in the gray!:yahoo:
  13. be wary of fakes on ebay.
  14. I like both the black and the grey - actually I may like the older style better - the laughing skull amuses me.