Thomas Wylde Newborn Portabello pics

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  1. i just love this bag. it's so easy to carry and the leather is smooshy and yummy. also, the best part is the lining inside the bag.... it's the infamous thomas wylde scarf! and there's little skulls hanging from the leather pull tassels. how cute is that?:amuse: i know that some of you may think skulls are so passe... but this bag is just so cool.:supacool:




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  2. This bag is so awesome! I love the lining. Congrats on such a great bag - and a great find!
  3. wow that's really cute! the leather looks fabulous! i think the lining is really fun - not passe!:okay:
  4. maedchen and artiksun, thanks for the nice compliments!
  5. Gorgeous! :heart: :heart: :heart:

    I don't think skulls are passé, personally.

    I think most of the people who think they are, never really liked them in the first place! ;)
  6. Great, another Thomas Wylde fan!!

    Here's mine


  7. I've always loved Thomas Wylde bags ... skulls are always 'in' for me! Your bags are gorgeous ... I only wish I was able to pick one up when Barney's had them on sale:sad:
  8. that lining is TDF!

    awesome bag!
  9. Love it ther leather looks incredible!!
  10. mooks, love yours too! thanks for sharing the pics.

    chloe, you've got a point there! :tup:

    asl, you can try calling BNY. sometimes they still have stock even if it's not on the website. it's worth a try.;)
  11. oh, that bag is gorgeous. i am in love with the color and the leather, even without touching, i can tell is buttery soft!
  12. esile,
    GREAT Bag - congratulations.
    ASL, some Barneys still have them and they are still 50% off ...... call both Barneys & Co-op.
    Goodl Luck!
  13. Those are GORGEOUS bags!!! They look so smooshy.
  14. They are such yummy leather, far nicer than my Paddie. I got mine from Barney's in NY when I was over in April
  15. I love Thomas Wylde bags. I own the Portabello in the Eggplant color.