Thomas Wylde bags on SALE at

  1. Some are marked down as mucas 50%, including this one[​IMG][/URL] Still expensive, though. ;) Check out, in the "CO-OP" section.
  2. Oh my, I saw this on their site.


    I really like it. It's by Jas MB. Does anyone know about these bags?
  3. i like the black bag!
  4. i couldn't resist.:wlae: :yahoo: i got the last baby portabello wylde bag. what a great deal! i really love the circus bag too, but the style is close to my chanel cabas (minus the skulls). glily, thanks for posting.:love:
  5. Congrats!! what a great deal. I saw the price and if I did not have this purse, would have bought it again. Mine was on sale when I bought it, but I paid way more.
  6. thanks, michele. i'm really excited about this bag. is the leather as squishy and soft as it looks?

    please, someone get the circus bag... before temptation gets the best of me.
  7. Thanks for the heads up. Beautiful bag! I believe thomas wylde (aka paula thomas) has started production in China so these bags are the last US-made.

    I recently purchased the Circus for full price on Aloha Rag. Makes me feel kinda crazed!
  8. You're welcome and congrats on the bag!! Please post pics when you get it!
  9. I'm so tempted, but all the styles with chain straps look uncomfortable. Does anyone have feedback on the chain straps?
  10. i have heard that the straps can be pretty rough on bare shoulders if they are overstuffed and heavy.
    maybe someone who owns one can chime in.
  11. oh wow, i am very tempted...thank you so much for posting the info!
  12. WOW, thanks so much for posting -- I love the Mission Bag!
    Hmmmmmm --- such a great sale!

  13. I believe any of the new styles with the cross design - are now made in China, - they have the TW initials instead of the full ThomasWylde name from previous styles. I'm a little hesitant about it being Made in China, anyone seen, felt, held these new bags?
  14. I stand corrected. I now recall the cross designs featured on AR were Made in China.

    IMHO the TW Circus (aka Boston Bag) weighs more than a Chloe Paddington. The chain is heavy. My husband half-jokingly commented that it could be wielded as a weapon should the need arise.

    The leather is decadent! The bag can be hand-carried, shoulder-mounted or worn as a backpack. (I honestly kid you not!)

    I would definitely recommend it. My soon to be ex- best friend Shelley ordered one yesterday (after I saw the news here and passed it on to her) and tells anyone and everyone that will listen how much less she paid for hers. (I haven't told her yet but I'm beginning to find her constant gloating annoying.) I'm hoping its a phase that will soon run its course, but she's given me reason to believe this has a long, l~o~n~g shelf life.

    Don't you just hate it when something goes on sale after you've paid full price? I am inconsolable. I don't want my husband to find out for fear my handbag acquiring days might suffer for it.

    Oh well..
  15. need some inspiration, ladies?:angel:

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