Thomas Sabo Sterling Silver + Charm Club

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  1. Anyone else buy Thomas Sabo?

    I've seen a lot of pandora threads floating about but no TS.

    I only have a silver necklace with charms "J" and an angel wing at the moment as I only recently discovered it.

    Very nice stuff though!
  2. I have a few bracelets and 2 charms - single strand pearl, white beads and turqoise beads... a pinky cream orchid with crystals that's meant to be a pendant but I use as a bracelet charm and the red lantern one..

    Love their jewelry too! I wanna get more charms esp a coin shaped one but they are a bit expensive for what they are! I like stacking the bracelets though.. and only having one charm on! Otherwise it's a bit much!
  3. I have a bracelet with a few charms. The red puffy heart and silver pendant with a little girl and "my little girl" written on it were from my mom. I also have a silver pendant that says "Je t'aime on it" which my dBF put on my bracelet for me. The credit card charm that my dBF bought for me last Vday and the perfume bottle charm that dBF got me from Paris.

    I love the bracelet however I find that the scratches on the silver pendants are so I stopped wearing it as often.
  4. i have star of david charm, G charm, key charm, 2 purses, a dress, high heel, sunglasses,

    but i dont wear much anymore think it is a bit young for me
  5. I'm only 17 but I dont think there should be an age maximum for sabo! :o
  6. i love TS, i have 2 charms and only wear them on a chain (also TS) i have the eiffel tower and the shoe box that opens with a pair of shoes inside its the cutest little thing lol
  7. I love thomas sabo charm club. I have the necklace ring earring bracelet and some charms. (the charms are really cute!)
  8. photos???
  9. I have a bracelet with some charms on it .. can see if I can take a picture tomorrow.
  10. I do!!

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  11. I have the gun charm, I wear it as a necklace.
  12. I am not a fan of Pandora, at least, not this moment.

    I collect Sabo! The latest one I got is the Finding Nemo charm! I am so happy about it! ;)
  13. I have a TS charm bracelet. I've got an 18th Charm, which I got for my 18th birthday, a London taxi which I bought on a trip to London, and a champagne bottle for my exam results.
  14. I found Thomas Sabo on my first trip to Hong Kong (June 2010) and have been back through there 3 times since, for work.

    I am a shoe-aholic and I love the variety of TS shoe charms. I bought 3 on that trip. Then on Friday night, I discovered a store that stocks an extensive line of Thomas Sabo practically in my back yard here in Edmonton. Wow! I bought another shoe - and fell in love with a red shoe that has a tiny diamond on it. But I resisted - for now.

    I do not like the TS bracelets, however. So I wear mine on an Agatha of Paris bracelet that I also bought in Times Square in Hong Kong - or I wear them on the Birks charm bracelet that I bought back when I was 15. I removed all the 1970s charms from it and now use the TS charms or wear it plain.

    I also wear the TS charms on a chain.

    Does anyone have a TS keeper? I thought it might look good on a chain, with 3 shoe charms suspended from it.
  15. I have four charms 2 of which are sterling ( a purse and a letter S) and 2 with enamel and sterling silver (an orange sandal and a purple and orange flower) as well as a sterling charm carrier. I got my 5 pieces at an estate jewlery sale. So I have no idea what they actually retail for. Can you quote some price ranges? And what store in edmonton sells them? I'd love to go look next time I'm in town.