Thomas or Mick PM

  1. Mick
  2. Mick for sure! I'd love this bag for me!
  3. Mick-very classy and timeless
  4. Mick! Love that bag.
  5. Mick! Lol
  6. Yep Mick!
  7. Def the Mick PM
  8. Mick :tup:
  9. lolz! got zero votes for the thomas, decided to get the MICK :biggrin: need modelling pics for the PM though :biggrin:
  10. I guess I'm the only one that doesn't like the Mick? Lol I think it's just a weird shape for a bag. The odd placement of the zipper doesn't help. I really like the Thomas! It seems like a much more practical and classic non-messenger man-bag to me. But I guess I'm really in the minority here!
  11. I give another vote for Mick. :giggles:
  12. Mick. The Thomas in my opinion is incredibly ugly haha. I don't know where lv was going with that design for a man?
  13. I really like the Mick - would love some modeling pics!
  14. Mick
  15. I like Mick. Thomas might be too small for a guy that's 5' 9".