THISSS is why I shouldn't go to the MAKEUP COUNTER!!~

  1. I go overboard!!!~ hahahaha :p



    I went to workout this morning at 8, had brunch, then off to a shopping spree with a friend!~ We felt so productive by working out on a saturday morn..that we felt like we deserved a lil something special..hehehe

    After shopping...we both got facials done...n then.... I went to the makeup counter just to see if there were new skin care products I can add to my collection...surely enough there was! hahhaha After hitting 25 my skin has been fighting with I was lookn for something new to help me!

    I WAS going to leave just with the skin care products...but the yummy colors at BB were so tempting....I was LURED in by the makeup monster calling my name....hehehe ended up adding an entire brush set as well! :graucho:

    Had fun...the girls at Saks were sooo fun and wonderful!

    Anyway... TOTAL DAMAGE TODAY: :wtf: :sweatdrop: :push: better left unsaid.

    (It's fun being a girl) ;) ~~sometimes~~
  2. wow! I've never bought so many products at once.. they can last for 2 years? hahaha..!
  3. WOW! That's A LOT of beauty products! I'm a sisley fan too! It's fantastic for sensitive skin like mine... =)
  4. Now that's MY kind of shopping! But don't tease us...let's see inside your fantastic color purchases from Bobbi Brown!
  5. lol, I've never bought that many products at once either :p

    (PS: you're right; it IS fun being a girl ;) )
  6. That is a lot of products - good for you! I love all that stuff too. I've never tried Sisley but hear good things about it.
  7. Sounds and looks like you had fun!!
  8. Looks like someone had a lot of fun!
    Yeah, it's great being a girl!
  9. i looooooooove sisley!
  10. Holy crap! That's a lot of products!

  11. After trying EVERY OTHER brand.... I am trying Sisley out for the first time..hearing that it's all natural n stuff....

    which products do you use from this line? I don't wana be missing out on nething GREAT...hehehe

  12. Sisley is a great product but very high in botanicals and you can break out very easily if it is not the right product for you. When I was younger in my 30's I could not use it. Good luck and let us know how you like it!
  13. well, you will have very healthy skin! thats alot of stuff you bought!
  14. That's funny last time I went to sephora I also went for Bobbi brown and chanel make up and brushes (got plenty of samples).....but no sisley :sad:
    BTW what did you get ?
  15. Sisley is a great skin care company!,you will not be upset with your skin results!