This WOW bag...

  1. Last weekend I went to HKG with my bf, I hunted for the Tobago bag and I finally got one in black. I secretly bought Burgundy Bequia pocket organizer :p And what I saw is this awesome bag...

  2. Which location did you see this at? I'm actually leaving for Hong Kong tomorrow morning!
  3. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM... That is definitely a WOW and YUMMMM bag!!! :drool: :drool:
  4. OHhhhhh.....
  5. that bag will cost a gizzlion hongkong dollars for sure...
  6. Thanks for sharing your eye candy.

    It's so stunning!! :nuts:
  7. hmm black tobago sound nice:graucho: and the bag is not bad either...
  8. holy hotness...I adore that.
  9. it is the croc version, if i am not wrong, around USD15000 or so.
  10. :wtf: but its GORGEOUS:drool:
  11. Congratss for your Tobago & Bequia :tup:

    WOW... Amazing, do you know the retail price?
  12. :tender::tender::tender:
  13. Wow i love it.
  14. I am not the originial poster but

    This is located @ Landmark Central , Mens Floor Display Window,, it has been out there for a couple weeks.. and they have the Croc PDV is inside the store..

    Have a safe trip!!
  15. I played with this bag while I was in NYC its $30,000.000 plus