This would be sooooo cute for this summer

  1. but it's not from S/S 2007, but from S/S 2006 *sighs*
    I assume it's no longer available anymore...... :crybaby:
    This bag is soooooo adorable and screaming my name, I just had to share it with you all:

  2. oh that is pretty!
  3. cute! maybe try eBay or maybe someone will know!
  4. i've never seen IRL.
  5. Very cute and different. Has kind of a Yin-Yang thing going on. Hope you find it somewhere!
  6. I've never seen that bag before, has a kind of 60's mod vibe...cute!!! :yes:
  7. ^^Ditto. I like it though.
  8. nothing like black and white together....match made in it!
  9. woahhh I've never seen that before! I love it!
  10. That is cute (and looks really good above that surfboard :p )
  11. Ya, it's really cute!
  12. I haven't seen it either, but your right, it's perfect for summer. Good luck if you decide to track it down!!
  13. I've never seen this either. I like it! It kind of reminds me of this little black and white clutch I drooled over that had the same kind of half and half thing going on (the Yin-Yang like La Pucelle said).
  14. It's mod, it's adorable. I couldn't rock it, but I would love to see pics of someone else rocking it.
  15. Is it an Asian edition? it looks really cool !