This wins stupid question of the day..what is LP?

  1. I am so sorry for being so clueless. I thought maybe it was the Lousiaviaroma (spell?) site but I can't view the Balenciaga on it..... I read how some of you are seeing the new colors on there.... I've got to see them too! :yes:
  2. hihi! LP is Louisey Peasey, a member of the PF who has a very updated and amazing blog about balenciaga bags.
  3. LP is a tPFer called Louisey Peasey, the owner of the Bbag bible atelier.naff. :smile: If you want a copy of the LVR Bbag .pdf, PM me with your email addy so that I can send it to you...
  4. LP stands for Louisey Peasey. She's a Pfer and she has a blog that has everything you need to know about balenciaga and more.
  5. louisey peasy the bbag goddess
  6. I feel like we should have a thread for abbreviations, acronyms, and other FAQ... if it was all organized it would be great! We could start off with explaining the different leather care terms (AG/AppleGarde, LMB, etc) and then include AtelierNaff/LouiseyPeasey. No offense at all to the PFer who asked the question! I feel like these questions get asked a lot and some pop in my head sometimes too...

    Anyone else think FAQs would be a great thread? Are you with me?!
  7. I found this thread really cute!!!
  8. i'm laughing so hard i can hardly type
  9. LP the ROCKSTAR!! :boxing:
  10. :p I found it cute too !!!
  11. I think it'll be TOO cute to have LP as part of our FAQ if we ever get one! :p
  12. I bet you are... cute huh :smile:
  13. What can I say? I knew the answer would be obvious to everyone BUT me! At least I could make LP smile! BTW (and yes I had to have that abbreviation explained to me too) Thanks LP for all the hard work you do! I get it now....:shame: