This WINE dream bag is CHEAP and GORGEOUS!

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  1. Ok ladies- i received a lot of compliments from yall recently on my white/cream dream bag. This is the only one i've seen in WINE, and i think it absolutely TDF. I could have posted this in " ebay deals" but this deserves a thread of its own for sure! This is a beautiful bag, and soon the dream bags are going to be hard to find because i haven't seen RM making more of these after this season!

    For those ladies looking for a wine bag, and can't afford the full price matinee, or nikki, or MA, well here's your chance! This bag is ONLY starting at $299! So this leaves no excuse to NOT have a WINE bag.

    AND YES- the dream bag does fit on the shoulder.

    Heres my thread if you want to see pics of how the dream bag looks IRL. Mine is with the new hardware though but nevertheless this is an AWESOME bag!



    SOMEBODY GRAB THIS PLEASE!!:tup: i don't need a THIRD wine bag:nogood:
  2. i saw it and was kinda tempted for a moment...but the suede on the bag will likely be killed in singapore's humid weather :roflmfao:
  3. Hi Desi, you are right the wine color is gorgeous!
    I am building up my MAM collection, so I will have to pass!
  4. I like the wine color, but do not like the dream bag.
    I prefer nikki, matinee or ma(m)
  5. Does anyone happen to have any modeling shots of this bag??
  6. Click on Desis link? She is modeling the bag I believe. :heart:
  7. Honestly I am not crazy about the dream bag style. I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot of them at the sample sale. But the wine leather is very nice!
  8. I just tried this Wine Dream Bag on at Nordstrom the other day. It's really pretty IRL and not hard to fit on the shoulder at all. In fact, I tried on an Eggplant Matinee at the same time, and the dream bag seemed to lay flatter under my arm, which was a little more comfortable for me because I'm short and it's sometimes hard for me to carry bulky bags on my shoulder.

    I decided to order a Wine Matinee, though, instead because I want to get a Matinee before they make the changes to remove the pockets and such. But if it weren't for that, I would have bought the Wine Dream Bag. I'm not big on suede, but the pockets on this one looked gorgeous IRL.

    Just thought I'd share in case any one is thinking about going for it. :tup:
  9. I can't do suede. I am too messy.
  10. I love the color of Wine. I think it goes with practically everything. Desi looking at your pictures with the dream bag I can tell that the bag is super soft and very elegant. Does yours have suede also, I can't tell from the pics. Or is it all leather?
  11. mine is actually all leather. The cream is a soft very smooshy buttery leather, and the white is patent leather. Its from this season, where as the wine one is from fall.

    Its a beauty! I already bought two wine bags, otherwise this would be mine too...