THIS will upset you. Sorry but I have to share this vid...

  1. I watched this about 6mos ago, and can't watch it a 2nd time... though I just can't stop it from playing in my head. Sadly, this is a much nicer way to die than what is suposed to be done here -- shooting to death.

    If you are already sad or depressed please do not watch this video. I must also note that I have no affiliation with PETA, nor do I endorse them.
  2. A note to those who prefer to "breed" their dogs for various reasons (as is being discussed in a few other threads at the moment) - I strongly feel you all should watch this in it's entirety. There is no telling what will become of the pups you thought you found the perfect homes for. No amount of screening will be able to guarantee that a similar fate will NOT become those poor dogs, or those pups puppies, etc.

    If they end up in my town and are in the pound for 3 business days they are then meant to be driven to the dump and shot to death. This fate makes the video look like Shangri-la!

    Please, I implore you; spay and neuter!
  3. ITA. There are just too many dogs out there who need homes to bring any more into the world. It's selfish and ignorant to continue to be a part of the overpopulation problem.
  4. Did this even need to be posted?

    I refuse to look at it, by the way.....
  5. Yeah no offense to the OP, but I can't watch animals die. I can't.

    Truth be told, I think it's great to adopt a pet, but not everyone has the ability to do so. For example, when my DH and I wanted a dog, we had to find a small dog that would be easily trained in our tiny apartment. ALL the shelters that we could adopt from (most shelters have residency requirements where you have to live within a certain distance from the shelter) only had large dogs, or dogs that were NOT good with children, or dogs that were NOT good with other animals. As we had a small place, were potentially going to have children someday, and have a lot of friends and family with other animals, adopting a pet was not an option. So yes, we bought a dog from a breeder, and she is awesome. So I'm not going to be forced to feel terrible for buying a dog.

    I know there are a lot of "anti-breeding" sentiments on the forum, but I refuse to feel bad because in my situation, getting a dog from a breeder was the only feasible option.
  6. There's a major difference between buying a dog from a reputable breeder, and breeding your own pets when you have little to no experience in the area. Reputable breeders, who make it their profession (or at least a significant hobby) to selectively breed animals that meet the standards set by the AKC, are the only people who should be breeding their dogs. I would never discourage someone from finding a reputable breeder if they were interested in a particular breed. I don't, however, condone inexperienced people who indiscriminately breed their animals.
  7. Thank you, I appreciate the clarification. :smile:
  8. I won't watch the video but I really don't think that this is an appropriate posting.
    Sorry but as an animal lover, it's just my .02
  9. I honestly think you did all that could be asked of anyone in the situation :tup: You looked into adoption and found that purchasing an animal from a breeder was the best option for you. I wish that everyone thinking of getting a dog or cat would visit a shelter first and then, if they can't find a suitable pet, consider reputable breeders.
  10. ITA. I am all for improving lineage and bloodlines. Knowledgeable breeding that has been met with testing and research is a good thing.

    If I have made anyone uncomfortable by posting this thread/video I am far from sorry. If you don't want to watch the video, don't click on the link. It's that simple. I am not forcing anyone to do anything. If you have issue with learning what happens all over North America then don't click the link.

    And FYI it is not bloody or gory. It is sad. I'd like to think that gaining the knowledge of this occurrence might pay some inkling of respect to those that had to be put down the day the video was shot. To help make their lives worth something, and spread the awareness that this still happens and needs to somehow STOP.
  11. No way in .... I will watch that. I know all the awful things going on in the world, but I don´t have the power to control a person from shooting animals. It´s overwhelming.

  12. Exactly. I, for one, thank you for posting this and bringing awareness of the horrific things that are happening in our country.

    If people don't know about it and say and do something about it, these practices will continue to happen.
  13. Vlad and Megs and other moderators, I love you all and thank you for this wonderful forum, but I do not understand why any thread that features a PETA video is closed or the links deleted. The videos are not doctored or fabricated. Think whatever you like of PETA as an organization, but use intelligence to distinguish between what's real and unreal: those videos are real. They are not graphic animations made up for the sole purpose of pissing people off or scaring them. It's informational, and nobody needs to click on it if they don't want to. An adequate warning was posted.

    I find it a little bizarre that threads about sh*t (literally -- remember the colonics thread in which very graphic pictures were posted?) are allowed but REAL VIDEOS of REAL ANIMALS are not. I say this with all due respect because it's your forum, but it just strikes me as very bizarre that we can talk about sex, feces, and every topic under the sun but as soon as a video of animal testing or animal torture is posted, you guys decide to pull it.

    Pradapsycho, it's too bad that you don't want to face reality. This is real. Sorry you think only certain points of view "need" to be posted.
  14. I completely agree with you, Intlset. I wish the link would have stayed, I honestly see no reason why it was deleted, a proper warning was posted, and it was entirely up to the person as to whether or not they wished to click on it. But I do respect your choices, of course, as we are the guests here. I am happy that asark posted this, as it does help raise awareness of this issue that many aren't aware of at all. I am a huge animals rights advocate, and I never knew of this awful thing that is done until a while back when asark mentioned about it. It's important that things like this is brought to everyone's attention, because without people being aware of something, it's not going to end.
  15. ITA. I am confused that an educational video meant to bring awareness to the REALITY of the pet overpopulation problem is shunned - I think it would be very useful for the many people on this very forum that still do not understand its gravity. Dogs are killed every day because people refuse to spay and neuter their animals, breed indiscriminately for selfish and irresponsible reasons, and then pretend like their actions have no consequences. Unfortunately they often get away with turning a blind eye to the suffering their actions cause, because people are too afraid of offending them or stating an unwelcome opinion.

    This forum is filled to the brink with posts complaining about $2k bag getting slightly dirty, or a SA being less than attentive to someones needs. Yet when it comes to issues like suffering and the lack of compassion and consideration in our world, we aren't willing to look a REAL problem square in the eye and say "you know what, enough is enough, I'm going to do something about this."