This will sound so silly... but hurting for my little baby-cat

  1. I have a very large cat. Like, he's just huge and big-boned, not fat. He's 25 pounds. I don't know, he's probably a quarter lion or something.

    Anyway, my boyfriend and my cat really get along well together, but sometimes my boyfriend will say, "Here, fatty! Come here, fatty!" or call him "pudge-pudge." Obviously my cat doesn't understand and happily runs over to him.

    Still. :crybaby: He can't help that he's just big-boned... The mama in me is all ready to stick up for her little guy... :boxing:
  2. Don't worry, your big guy is just as happy to be called fatty as long as he is getting petting from his people. I have 4 very large Maine Coon cats and they don't care what you call them as long as it is in the proper tone of voice. Oh and giving them treats is also a plus. :p
  3. Omg, my SO calls my cat who's like 14 pounds ''fat arse''...and he meows back! I always have to defend my baby I know where you're coming from!
  4. Oh, IntlSet, this post made me laugh so hard! I understand, you gotta stick up for your baby! I actually call my cat "Pudgers", she's only 12 pounds but the vet said to put her on a diet because she's really been putting on weight recently. But I refer to myself as Pudgers too because we both need to slim down this year! I always defend my kitty when my boyfriend says she's snotty, though, even though she is the most princess-y little snotty kitty in the world :queen:
  5. LOL awww, I get annoyed when people call my rabbit fat!
  6. As long as he gets cuddles and kisses, he'll be fine.

    And if it really bothers you, tell him to stop.
  7. I have a large 20lb female cat and I affectionately refer to her as "Chubs". She doesn't seem to mind.
  8. Hehe, I think that's so cute. :p
  9. My parents cat use to weigh 36 lbs! My dad always calls him "Fat-boy".

    (don't worry...he only weighs 12 now, they put him on a diet)
  10. Awww he is lucky to have such a good mama!!
  11. lol! aww! DH will sometimes call Maya fat to which I gasp and say "how could you!" and then give her smoochies. and then he usually comes over to give her kisses and make it up to her. heh
  12. Oh Annie, if you could only hear all the names we make up for Kitten ...

    She has a LOT of fur, so we do have to deal with the occasional hairball. So we sometimes call her "Fuzzbutt Barfington." Or "Fuzzbutt Kitten Head." I know there are more but I just can't think of them right now ...
  13. I have many nicknames for Louis. They're calling attention to his quirks. I love those quirks, because that's what make him the cat he is.

    They're said out of jest and they come from love.

    Let's see . . .

    There's Kramer. (Sometimes he makes this head move that reminds my family of when Kramer used to enter Jerry's apartment).

    Attention whore. He is. He can't help it.

    I have told him he's acting like a crazy person / psycho when he zooms around the house like a maniac.

    Señor Puffypants. He's a longhaired cat, so when he walks away and you're looking at his hind legs, he looks like he's wearing a pair of puffy director's pants.

    There are others . . . I love my little guy! :heart:
  14. My mom and I have numerous times discussed with concern over whether or not we thought Willie was gaining weight. (We decided he wasn't. Given his breed, he's a muscular cat.)
  15. I call my cat odd names sometimes. She's pretty small but is long-haired so sometimes I'll say things like "fat bum" or "fuzz ball" to her and I think I might've called her "fatso" a couple of times :shame:

    But when my BF says anything like that to her, although I know he loves her, too, I get angry and yell at him.

    Go figure :shrugs: