This where my money goes to!

  1. I finally have time to bring out all my bags while hubby is away :p (He will have an heart attack!) I have given a lot of stuff away to my sister - gotta make room for new ones right?

    In my possession:

    Gucci Abbey range - 5 pieces
    Gucci Pelham (not in picture - sis borrowed for the day)
    Mulberry Roxanne - a regret because it's way too heavy!
    Chloe Edith
    Fendi Zucca Bag Du Jour
    Fendi Zucca Chef
    Balenciaga 1st generation
    Chanel Sport nylon messenger with detachable strap - got it from recycling shop in Tokyo
    Marc Jacobs Stam
    LV 25
    LV 35 - a regret buy - I don't know what to do with it!!
    LV pochette
    Prada Nylon Knapsack
    YSL Cream/White Tote

    It seems I'm a Gucci girl after all :yes:

    Placed an order for Prada Tessuto Oro Tote in Black. :rolleyes: I hope I won't regret it - seems a bid tad expensive for a simple bag like that. But, one cannot explain love, right?
    bag family.JPG
  2. Very nice collection- love the fendi's
  3. Nice!!!!!!!!
  4. Nice! Your LV speedy 35 will come in handy one day...maybe a carry on bag when you travel? No need to regret it:smile: .
  5. What a beautifully rounded collection...
  6. I love your stam! :heart:
  7. I love your collection! Excess the name, so witty!
  8. Thank you ladies! Will try to do individual shots of them - the group pic doesn't do justice for them! I'm crappy with camera:shame:!

    Savvy Blonde - I can see you are Speedy fan! As for the speedy 35 - yes, will try to use it as hand-carry - since that's what my husband calls it - a luggage!
  9. Oh, but still love your speedy 25! It has patinaed nicely.
  10. such a lovely collection... love all the gucci's
  11. Great collection! thanks for sharing!
  12. :blush: Aww, thanks for the nice words. Compared to the rest of the people here, I'm just a novice! I love my Speedy 25 - she's ages gracefully - I have them for 5 years now - my first lux purchase for which I saved for and it was downhill from then! I get into more trouble now that I've discovered this site :p Not everything I own are designers - I only put my money into bags, watches and jewelry. Not even shoes - I ruined shoes too easily - being flat footed, the heels get worn off in a loopsided way within weeks! Snatch theft is quite bad in work area, so I don't carry a wallet out, only coin purse - a plastic Hello Kitty! And to be discreet and avoid those jealous women at work giving me a hard time, I always say that these are my aunt's bags which she doesn't want anymore (it's a made-up aunt too;) ) - you have no idea how catty women can be:cursing: Such is life when you work in a all women office!

    I'll take the advice to use Speedy 35 as a carry on for my trip to Singapore on Weds. She should go out more if she wants to get that nice look of her sis, the 25!
  13. Thats a neat idea... use the 35 as a carry-on... hmmm...
  14. I love Edith and Stam... great collection, thanks for sharing!
  15. hey, unlike most people that just blow their money, you have something (a lot of somethings!) to show for it!