this weeks aquisitions

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  1. Hi. just picked these up this week. keep in mind I was in a "mary poppins" mood.

    1st photo from left to right: Juicy Daydreamer (duh), little brown Coach demi, Marc Jacobs
    2nd photo: both Hobo International, messenger and tote

    still looking for the perfect white slouchy bag!

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  2. Very cute! The Juicy looks great for spring and love the tote!
  3. Great purchases!
  4. love the marc bag.....i have the matching dress :biggrin:
  5. I would love to get 4 bags a week.
    Lucky you!
    I want that marc tote!!! They don't have it on elux.
    anyone know where I could find it online????

  6. hobo international "up for grabs" is a great slouchy bag in white. Also, the garbo, i believe, comes in white. you can view at
    lastly, hayden harnett's havana hobo comes in white - but i think it would look like a beached whale
  7. Im really liking the Juicy bag. Did they have more colors in this bag?
  8. Great bags! Congrats!!!
  9. Great buys!
  10. I love that Marc bag, very fun!
  11. Cute purses, especially the Marc bag....I almost purchased a Marc dress in that pattern.
  12. nice! :biggrin:
  13. I got the Marc tote at Saks online.
  14. I dont' think so. They did have an off-white one but it was a different shape. This one had more room so thats why I chose it. The off-white one is really cute too!
  15. thanks! I'm gonna check that out right now....