this week, i have lost 6.2 pounds and had a revelation...

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  1. that brings my total since the last weekend in April up to 12.4 pounds! i was super strict this week (more strict than even weight watchers requires you to be) and it wasn't hard - i enjoyed it, it was something to think about and focus on. i didn't have any carbonated beverages and drank a ton of water. i have even trained myself to like green tea and eat fruit as a snack! these are things that would have been unthinkable two months ago.

    so after my weight watchers meeting, i went to have my usual saturday morning treat - two chick-fil-a chicken biscuits and a large diet coke. i ate the first one and felt sorta ok, but two bites into the second one and i wanted to die! the grease, the breading, it didn't even taste good anymore. and the diet coke was gross. i just wanted my apple and yogurt and water like i'd BEEN eating for breakfast - hooray! i've done it! i don't even WANT to cheat now because i still feel like pooh from breakfast. i went to publix afterward and bought myself some whole grain tortellini and some mini pitas so i have new healthy things to try next week :love:

    so take heart, girls, it can be done! make the change in your life and you won't even want to go back, i promise.

    if anyone else has any inspiration to share, post here!
  2. That's great! I'm trying to lose 10-20 lbs. & I needed encouragement! :smile:
  3. yaaay well done!!
  4. Congrats!
  5. Amanda- that is what we call a LIFESTYLE change!!!! The things you used to swear tasted amazing, begin to taste like complete and utter sh*t. Not to mention that you feel like sh*t afterwards.

    I've been there and done that and it is one of the most amazing feelings and accomplishments for your body!!! A big congrats and keep up the great work!!!!!
  6. that's great! I gained about 8 pounds over the school year and I'm trying to get it off, but with a can of yummy cashews and almonds right next to me, and rice krispies and brownies in the kitchen, I don't know if I can do it! argh!

    before, I did find that it made me sick to even TRY eating greasy foods. I want to get that feeling back! lol!
  7. That is awesome, Amanda! You are an inspiration, lady. :smile:
  8. That is so true. Before I started really taking care of myself and watching what I eat, I would all kinds of greasy, fatty food without thinking twice. If I eat that stuff now, I get sort of sick. My mom is from the south, and her idea of a good meal would be something like fried chicken, mashed potatoes and homemade gravy, and green beans with a little bacon fat added for flavoring. I used to love that stuff. Now if I go to house and see her frying chicken or dropping bacon fat into the green beans, I feel like turning green. :sick:
  9. Congrats!! Keep drinking the Green Tea! Full of antioxidents. Diet soda is EVIL and sooo bad for you.
  10. Wow, amanda, that is amazing! Congrats & keep up the good work, you're such an inspiration!
  11. Congrats chica!! Sounds like your doing great progress, keep up the awesome work!
  12. Good job Amanda, keep it up !!! :biggrin:
  13. Congrats, Amanda! I bet you look great!
  14. Go you~!

    That's the best part, when your body stops craving the crap! It's all downhill from there! It's the most important and profound change in your diet because it signifies you've crossed the line, and means you're there to stay.

    The hardest part is that crappy food is so readily available everywhere you go, McD's, Burger King, Wendys, Dunkin Donuts, etc... all the fast food with tons of grease and sugar that almost all of us have been raised on since birth. America is also primarily an automobile-centric culture, where cars are king and things like bicycling that are big in Europe and Asia are 'fringe' here, and most people naturally become sedentary without some sort of motivation to do otherwise.

    Amanda, take pics so we can see your progress and give you encouragement!

  15. Mmmm, chick-fil-a.....