~~This weather is ruining my Coach shopping mojo!!!~~

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  1. Ice, snow & freezing temps are making me crazy!

    I went to my local dillard's to check out the sales and they were good, but I want to travel to another bigger one about 20 miles away...mom and fiance say it's too dangerous.:pout:

    I desperately want the medium zip around jeweled metallic wallet in teal, silver, or raspberry. Maybe dillard's didnt carry them?...that would make it a little better. The dillard's additional 30% off prices are really good....poppy glam totes end up being less than $100- I think it might be better than the outlet prices!

    Anyone else with the same delimma with the yucky winter weather???
  2. I just wish I had a Dillards and a Nordies. :sad: Some good sales on now at Dillards as you pointed out! And I love love love the Tartan!
  3. Hi, neighbor! I'm just north of you, and in the same boat. I do NOT drive in snow and ice, especially in my car. And I don't want to ask DH to take me anywhere for shopping (oh, that and I'm banned). I'm hoping the weather clears up enough by next weekend that I can go to OKCity on my way to Tulsa and do a little shopping at Macy's and on base. :biggrin:
  4. Listen, I get your desire to get out there and get those bargains! If the weather is as bad as the Weather Channel says, then even a free Coach bag would not be worth the chance of driving on the roads now. Cruise the bay and Bonanzle and see what's around. If you're destined to get the wallet it'll be near you when the weather clears. By the way, a woman in Pottstown yesterday was buying small pouches (not sure of the styles) for her bridesmaids. The SA brought more and more out from the back for her and she had quite a choice. Definitely what I would do if I had the chance to do it all over again.
  5. Girl, I am snowed in here in Norman. I know how you feel. This is the weekend my BF was going to take me to Penn Sq Mall too to make a return in Coach and upgrade my NIB iPod. My weekend is now all gone......

    But hey, this means I don't need to pick up more stuff than I already have. It's both good and bad since I have a decent collection and I'm a collector more than anything else so I don't use most of what I have. Let's just hope the snow and ice ALL melt away soon. If it melts partially, the roads will still be pretty bad. Le sigh.....
  6. P.S. I could've walked to the mall (5 minute drive so still within a walking distance) but Coach isn't worth that much to me. I'm just holed up in my warm apartment and thankful that I got heat. I just read that thousands still don't have electricity and I can only imagine how many of them rely on electric for their heat. Just try to think positive! Hopefully not a lot of people went so it will still be there come tomorrow or Monday!
  7. I'm stuck in the house, too... I didn't think it would be too bad because my recent online buys were suppose to show up today, but they didn't. :crybaby: I'm just hoping I can make it to Dillard's tomorrow and they'll still have the sale going on.
  8. Why not call ahead and order? There isn't a Dillards in my town so I called one in another city to get some of the deals. The SA was really helpful since the store had just opened. The shipping was only $16.95 and I got the items in two days.
  9. Thanks, all! Just wanted to pout. We got out on the roads today and they weren't that bad, but probably not worth the drive to Penn Square (kathyrose: I'm in Norman, too!)

    During the last ice storm (2007) I didn't have power for 6 days- so glad that's not the case this time!
  10. 10 inches and freezing rain here in Southern Va stuck at home and the boutique is only 10 minutes away but do dangereous to drive not worth it I feel your pain
  11. oh man! Weather is such a bummer!
  12. Yup, I'm just glad we didn't lose power. I don't know what I'd do without heat. Probably end up crawling to work (I live close to it) and staying warm there. It is cold outside!

    I hope you'll find what you want still available when you get there!
  13. My husband always says he won't have his life "ruled by the wheather" thank goodness!!!
  14. Lol, I know what you mean. I went to an outlet mall yesterday and only made it through Off 5th and Coach. After those two stores I was frozen and decided to go home. Thank goodness I prioritized and got those stores out of the way, lol.
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