this watch?

  1. what do u think bout thsi watch? i have a chance to own this for around 350$, is it worth the price?

    anyone have this or know the retails price of the new one like this?


  2. Are they scratches on the face? I think it is really nice, love the strap!
  3. In the Uk I think the retail price is around £1000 so around $2000 US
  4. oh, the one i'm getting is not this exact one.

    i just borrowed the pics form eBay.

    the one i'm having on hold is in quite good condition, BUT... it's kinda too big for me, i have a very small wrist. and chanel stores in here is not going to open til 2 months later. can an ordinary watch repair could cut it for me?
  5. OMG! the retails is a LOT!
    any idea for me to know how to authenticate this?
    i might have to check again since the owner letting it go for so much lower to me
  6. I guess u should check on it!
    but if it's authentic, get it!lol
  7. i would def. check it LOL

    but how do i know it's authentic? LOL
    these are the pics from an eBay auction, if it's having the right track, maybe i'll just check if the one's hold for me have the same details?

    what does the 07-1619 meant?

  8. I think its really ugly :shrugs: but thats just me haha
  9. Who is going to authenticate it?? The boutique??..I don't think the SAs are trained to do that.
    & u know what ... in Hong Kong ...tourists are conned into buying luxury watches for ten of thousands of dollars each ..outer coverings are real..but the mechanisms inside are fakes...oh can we tell the difference then??
  10. thanks for the tips beautylicious
  11. I had one in gulp the late 80's. You might want to ask the age of the watch. It held up, I have small wrists too...and it drove me crazy. I gave mine to a friend, who still wears it. One thing to be carefull of...apparently it was easy to copy.
  12. I have the real deal and I don't wear it as an every day watch. The SA at the Tyson's boutique told me they stopped making that watch. BTW, the back of my watch has 7 lines of writing on the underside, the last line includes the date it was made. I, too, have small wrists and sometimes it slides down, but it's not something that irritates me no end.
  13. ok, i checked the watcg my self and it is authentic :yahoo: , it's exactly like the one on the eBay link beautylicious gave. BUTTT it is medium and it's slid down all the time, and apparently can't be resize... so :sad:
    o have to let it go.
    founda nother watch too, very simple and jad a black leather strap, from 1989, the chain strap is from 1987.

    but i wasn't sure to buy the other one or not, it fits in my arm and very cute.

    it is like this :

    but with no numbers
  14. I like the second picture. Just my opinion though. But hey, didn't you buy a bag instead?