This watch, or this watch?... And why?!

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  1. Hello Ladies,

    I am in dilemma! I want to choose a watch between these 2 watches, but I can not decide!

    First I liked the WG then I liked the YG. I like both of them now!

    Could you please let me know which one would you buy and why?
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460387561.636157.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460387572.985808.jpg
  2. Yellow gold. White gold has rhodium on it so if you polish it it costs extrA and then the rhodium wears down it looks gross. Just my two cents if you other wise like them both equally.
  3. Yellow Gold. For me it would be because most of my Cartier pieces are yellow gold and it would match nicely with them. Same with my handbags with tend to mostly have gold hardware. For me the yellow gold is dressy. Good luck with your decision 😀
  4. yellow gold!
  5. Definitely yellow gold!
  6. I prefer the WG because to me, it looks less flamboyant (I can wear it everyday) and more elegant (also great for special occasions), plus most of my pieces are in WG. Choose the one that you'll be able to wear more.
  7. Yellow Gold = too much attention, I would rather have, watch in Rose Gold. Ever Rose Gold goes with lots of skin tones and easy to match with diffrent color clothes.
  8. Which looks better on your skin tone? Pull your hair back and put a gold piece of jewelry up to your face. For example, I have an olive skin tone, so I look better in gold. Try them on and step away from the mirror. Turn around quickly to see which one catches your attention!
  9. My vote would be for yellow gold since I prefer it but the white gold looks just as nice! I agree with others that you should select whichever best suits your skin tone. Can't go wrong with either one of these, they are both gorgeous!
  10. Yellow gold because white gold has a similar look to stainless steel.
  11. yellow gold, and then get another in SS :smile:
  12. I would probably go white gold because I love the contrast that the pop of blue makes. To me the blue stands out less on the YG. I also personally prefer the look of diamonds with a WG setting, but I guess it depends on what you already have in your collection & your skin tone.
  13. I agree. You should definitely see which one suites your skin tone! Both are gorgeous. You can't go wrong with either one of them! Having said that, I prefer the Yellow Gold!
  14. I prefer the white gold with the diamonds. They look more "together" and the look is very classy.

  15. +1
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