this was next door to my hotel...

  1. i was just reminiscing about my Europe trip instead of I looked thru my photos, I ran across this picture. I totally forgot about it. I was staying at the Best Western Eiffel Park in Paris. After checking-in, we decided to head to La Tour Eiffel...walked out the door, turned right...and that was what I saw. I was in love with Paris.

  2. :drool: LEGIT
  3. So Hot!
  4. Two words.



  5. :huh:OOh..... *wishing I was standing in front of that store!!* :tender:
  6. :wtf::drool:
  7. :girlsigh::girlsigh::girlsigh:
  8. i want to go back to Paris now..
  9. Those oxfords are HOT. (Bag's hot, too, but that oxford looks amazing...)
  10. i live in paris and have never seen this shop before!!! you made me learn something about my city, thank you. my world is confined to the printemps shop, the george V shop and that's all.
    are the b bags on sales in that shop????? they never sale the classic styles at b shops in paris.
  11. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!
  12. delmilano, sorry i don't know if the bbags were on sale in that shop. i was able to buy the one bag at the George V shop and didn't want to tempt myself by walking into another store haha. besides, my French barely exists, so it would've been alot of finger pointings, head tilting, and utterance of single syllable "words".
  13. oh it's ok dear, i will go and check it out when i'll feel a bit stronger, i didn't get out of my home for serveral days, cause i got a bad flu. i totally understand the "stay away from the temptation" strategy. i should use that one too. well, i must say that since i got sick, i haven't really thought about going to the printemps and check what's new at the b bag corner!! ha ha ha :roflmfao:
  14. oh no! hope you're feeling better! maybe you should comfort yourself with a nice new bag.....:tup:
  15. :nuts:!!!!!!!