This was kind of cool to come home to...

  1. So I've never gotten a PCE card of my own or a call about PCE. But when I got home, there was a message from the boutique that go into the most (where I had my Heritage totes sent to) advising me about the great new spring bags and to come in a take a look. Made me feel recognized a little finally. Now if I can just get my own PCE card :lol:
  2. Congrats!! That would be sweet if you could get your PCE card! I know I will never get one, but that's okay, I am happy with my eBay hunts. I love a challenge anyhow :smile:
  3. Hopefully it's a sign of good things to come ;)
  4. Tanukiki, I hear ya! I never get the PCE card , due to a glitch in the system that says I don't want anything mailed to me. IT just won't correct. I don't even get the catalogs! thank goodness the SA calls me.
    They know how to mail my packages to me when I'm spending $$$$$ tho!:wtf:
  5. :lol:
  6. Welcome home ! How was your trip ?
  7. It was good. I missed DH and my boys and cats but I got to visit with some of DH's relatives and had a pretty good job interview I think. I might hear something early next week. The week after at the most according to the head honcho I met with.
  8. how sweet! I hope it is a good sign of things to come! :tup:
  9. Yes, all good thoughts and prayers your way! Hope all is going well with DH!:flowers::flowers::flowers:
  10. Fluffy I have the same exact issue! No matter how many times they try, it just wont let them correct it! But since this forum, I've learned when PCE is and I just go in and see my SA and ask for the discount, and its no problem.
  11. Me too! Plus it has a pretty good sign-on bonus (which is paid out over time but still :tup:). That part was a surprise. I didn't know that until I got there for the interview. Just gotta get the job!!!
  12. Thanks. He's in MD. He had his pre-op work done today and he goes under the knife so-to-speak Mon am. It looks like he'll be home Valentine's Day weekend according to his doc as long as everything goes ok.
  13. wow ! good luck with everything !