This was a steal for someone lucky

  1. no kidding...
  2. OMG!!!:amazed: Lucky, indeed!
  3. awesome deal. Congrats to that lucky someone.:yes::biggrin:
  4. An MPRS got it and will probably resell it to make $$$.
  5. Lucky them.
  6. :cry: Too bad I didn't see it before.
  7. :censor:

    I could tell from looking at the canvas pattern that it's real.
    I e-mailed the seller for any sort of guarantee she has as well as a picture of the LV stamp, but by the time I came back, it was sold.

    I wouldn't have bought it because I'm not in the market for a MC piece at the moment, but DAMN!! I wish I had posted the link last night so someone here could have pounced!
  8. Great buy for an awesome bag :yes:
  9. Yup! I saw one LVLU member bought a Like New CB pochette at $250 and then a few days later, she was selling it off ebay for $499. She bought it using a different ebay ID with 0 feedback. But I know that is the exact pochette as I was watching the auction at that time :sad:
  10. Dang! Talk about a killing! :sad:
  11. OMG what a deal!
  12. this may be my fav MC style-what a deal!
  13. Exactly what happened to me! I emailed the seller asking about the date code in the CB pochette, then the next day, the auction format listing became a buy-it-now auction and it was bought quickly by someone else who I believed a member of ALVA or LVLU or MPRS!