1. Just wanted to share my Christmas gift from my DH, I picked this out of course but am very excited :yahoo:I know most of you wanted the med. size but I like small totes/bags so this should be perfect for me. I have the Magenta wristlet so now it has a lovely bag and wont be alone :lol: He didnt pay too much over retail ...with the bag being $278 and the mini being $48 plus the taxes that were paid.

    What do you guys think???
  2. So so so so sooo pretty! Congrats and enjoy it!
  3. I think it's an extremely cute set, yay for you and kudos to your DH for letting you pick out such a cute gift.
  4. Gorgeous!!
  5. That is a very pretty bag!!! I love all the pink!!!
  6. very cute, Congrat's
  7. wow i actually really like this bag and i dont typically like the ones that have designs like that sewn on (poppy, fish, etc). congrats!! plus I LOVE the little patent skinny that matches...awesome find :smile:
  8. Very cute, enjoy
  9. Awesome! Loves it!!
  10. That is so adorable.... I wish I could have something like that!!! I love love it!
    You are so lucky!!! Enjoy it!!!
  11. Gorgeous bag! Congratulations!! I love all the pink!
  12. GORGEOUS!!!!! CONGRATS to you!!!!!!
  13. Gorgeous,Congrats!
  14. I love that!! Congrats!
  15. I love that bag! you will have to post pics when you get it!!! :woohoo: